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Week from 12-3-2001 to 18-3-2001  

His publicity in CsH

3/18/2001: KYRO II of STM, the last barrier opposite to NVIDIA and ATI

    "If there is sufficient cake, we can eat all"; this one seems to be the maxim of STMicroelectronics, the manufacturers of the graphic chip of the Dreamcast. After the announcement that the Sega games console will be left of producing, a good market for the exit of his chips might be the world of compatible, to that there is destined the announcement of the PowerVR KYRO II, the successor of the KYRO.
    The new graphic chip has really interesting characteristics as for image quality: Anti-Aliasing to finished screen, render to 32 color bits, Environmental bump mapping and Dot2 bump mapping, multitexture of up to 8 layers... Also, he supports up to 64 MB of memory and has support for earnings and exits of video.
    But the most important of this design is the incredible reduction in the traffic of graphic memory (real ballast of some of the most expensive cards of the moment), up to only one third of the habitual thing. This is obtained calculating to the most minimal detail the polygons, renderizando only the necessary information.
    STM already has a powerful ally: Hercules (Guillemot) will make cards based on the new chip PowerVR KYRO II. In particular it is a question of 3D Prophet 4500, a card with 64 MB of memory of excellent value for money, since for approximately 150 $ it is capable (in some occasions) of beating the most expensive GeForce2 Ultra (of "only" more than 300 $), being located frequently over the ATI Radeon 64 MB DDR (that is not also cheap, that we say), according to tests realized by AnandTech.
    This marvelous yield is due to the fact that Hercules's card has an efficiency almost of 100 % in what with textures (texture fillrate) it refers to painting ratio, while others, like the GeForce2 Ultra, they have an efficiency I half-close 35 %, with what the yield is much minor than it would be necessary to wait. His only one "but" the fact is that it is not provided with engine of transformation and lighting (T&L), with what his yield goes down in those applications that yes support it.

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News written for: Miquel Tarazona


3/15/2001: Available 3DMark 2001 (and also WCPUID 3.0) it has thrown a new version of his famous program of graphic testing 3DMark, 2001, which is already available for his discharge on its own web page, as well as in other places of the network. The biggest innovation of this version is the entire support of the DirectX 8 of Microsoft; let's remember that this program centers on this API of Microsoft, more specifically in his section Direct3D.
    This will be the first trustworthy program that evaluates the real possibilities of the GeForce3, as well as of other future cards 3D. A piece of news incorporates demo that is worth seeing, with the last visual effects of the last generation of cards 3D. His 40 MB are the "negative" aspect, something excessive of discharging without ADSL or similar. The version Pro costs 39.95 $ and incorporates a major number of options and automations for the testing, as well as a results navigator, between other progress.
    There is undoubted the quality of this program, which turns out to be a big help to know if it is worth changing to us of graphic card, and to which. Nevertheless, if it proves it and his "old" card has given 20 points less than he was waiting, do not retire it. After all it does not stop being a "synthetic" test and if you can keep on playing fluently his favorite game do not give him the biggest importance... or yes, but before to throw it check if everything is as it has to.
    Certainly, since we comment on the arrival of new versions of useful programs: also a version 3.0 is free beta, enough improved, of the WCPUID of H.Oda!, whose page is not working well at all lately... anyway, you have it in our Discharge section.

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News written for: Ignacio Jiménez of the Ship


His publicity in CsH

3/12/2001: Also SiS will make chipsets for the Pentium 4

    After SiS's announcement that it will give support to the processors Tualatin (processors Pentium III made with 0,13 micron s technology ), now both companies have come to an agreement by means of which Intel grants to SiS the necessary licenses to be able to make chipsets compatible with the Pentium 4.
    Everything else regarding the agreement is secret; it is not known what memory will be used in this chipset, but...: does anybody bet for the DDR? Intel is really much needed of chipsets for the Pentium 4 with support of memoirs SDRAM and/or DDR-SDRAM, due to the high price and few acceptance of the memory RDRAM, the only one who supports his chipset 850.
    It seems that Intel persists in his politics not to grant licenses to ROUTE, to prevent his market share from growing moreover and to be able to recover in the future the manufacturer's position number 1 of chipsets; a quite dangerous move, since ROUTE might be late much less than SiS or ALi in making these chipsets for Pentium 4.
    And perhaps decide to do it, since in ROUTE they make sure that, on having bought the graphic division of S3, they obtained the necessary licenses; an opinion that Intel does not share, certainly...

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News written for: Miquel Tarazona and Juan Herrerías


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