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Week of 20-3-2000 to 26-3-2000  

3/24/2000: New portable Apple PowerBook

    The company of the apple, reborn of his ashes thanks to Steve Jobs and to the money of his famous "enemy" Bill Gates (who always adored, although it it does not seem, to the MACs), presents his last technological jewel, the PowerBook. The new portable one, in addition to a captivating look, offers like principal innovation the support FireWire (IEEE 1394), which allows connections at big speed between diverse devices.
    It is offered in speeds of up to 500 MHz (provided by a PowerPC G3, a mike that is even considered to be twice more powerful than Pentium III, according to the used programs) and a limit of 512 MB of RAM, also integrates the accelerating one 3D provided by ATI (Rage Mobility 128, probably the best graphic chip for portable, with 8 MB of memory), supports DVD (or double battery with an autonomy of up to 10 hours) and the last technologies, as UltraDMA66. Of course, the screen is at a height of the rest of the team: TFT of 14 '1 inches.
    Despite having all this built-in, it weighs only 2,8 Kg (with battery and unit DVD!!). Finally, a real jewel especially destined to excited of the design and to the professionals who need to edit video simultaneously that a big mobility capacity.

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3/22/2000: Linux + IBM = Supercomputer

    The new supercomputer of IBM, baptized with the sugerente name of "The Wolves" (in Castilian!!), it is formed by a cluster (a set of computers that distribute the work as if they were the only one) of neither more nor less than 256 servants IBM PC Netfinity.
    "The wolves" he will settle in the University of New Mexico and one hopes that it should reach 375 billion operations per second, what would place in the position 24 between the most powerful computers of the world.
    The principal advantage of this new supercomputer takes root in using normal PCs, joined under the control of the operating system Linux, for which it turns out to be (relatively accessible. The experts predict a big increase of the use of Linux in this field, due to his potency, his flexibility, to which it is possible to arrange of the code source and to modify it... and all this free.

More information in:,4586,2471995,00.html


3/21/2000: IBM investigates to create the hard disks of the future

    In a new demonstration of his resounding capacity of I+D, investigators of the "blue giant" IBM have published in the magazine Science a reportage in which they describe a series of chemical reactions at molecular level that from 10 to 100 times would allow to multiply the capacity of the current magnetic, such devices as hard disks.
    In these reactions, minuscule magnetic particles posicionarķan themselves forming nano-glazing, which might contain information, of a form much more compact than with the current technology. Nevertheless, the proper investigators admit that the commercial use of this discovery still will take enough time.
    But we do not have why to worry: for the impatient ones, IBM has announced the biggest hard disk of the world, the model Deskstar 75GXP, with neither more nor less than 75 capacity GB. The new "juguetito" turns 7.200 rpm and it is compatible with ATA100, also call UltraDMA100: a technology that they still have not had time to incorporate the chipsets manufacturers! Certainly, IBM works thinking about the future...

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3/20/2000: Intel throws "forgotten" Pentium III to 850 and 866 MHz

    Since it was of waiting, Intel has announced today two of Pentium III that were postponed only two weeks ago before the Intel urgency of throwing a mike to 1 GHz, for verse morally defeated by his rival AMD, who presented an Athlon to 1 GHz two days earlier.
    The most novel of these mikes, otherwise identical to other Pentium III with nucleus Coppermine, is his form of connection: in addition to the "outstanding figure" cartridge SECC2 for Slot 1, they exist for socket FC-PGA. This format is postulated like that of future for all the mikes Intel, due to his minor cost. It is known that AMD is employed also at the same sense for his future Athlon.
    The new mikes will cost 765 and 776 dollars (for orders of more than 1.000 units), although there exist many doubts about the aptitude of Intel to produce a sufficient number of the same ones, bearing in mind the numerous debts that have come suffering last months. It is very significant the fact that almost nobody still could have seen the mike to 1 GHz de Intel, whose availability promised to be already that it would be "in limited quantities"...

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Intel also reaches 1 GHz... but "in limited quantities"


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