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Week from 2-4-2001 to 8-4-2001  

His publicity in CsH

4/8/2001: API NetWorks accelerates the use of the technology HyperTransport

    The designers of one of the most powerful processors of the market, Alpha (designers, because the manufacturers are different) have just announced the availability of the first bridge (bridge) HyperTransport-a-PCI, allowing the imminent appearance of electronic devices based on this new technology of AMD.
    The new bus of high speed designed by AMD will communicate with the bus PCI of our computer by means of the chip now presented, the AP1011, allowing the connection of the new bus (present in future processors, chips graphs, controlers, devices of network... made by companies of the size of AMD, Broadcom, PMC-Sierra, NVIDIA or SandCraft) any device PCI.
    The technology HyperTransport (earlier known like LDT) will eliminate many of the necks of bottle of the current systems of I/O (entry / exit), allowing speeds at least ten times top to 266 ó 133 typical MB/s nowadays in most of teams.

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News written for: Miquel Tarazona


His publicity in CsH

4/7/2001: Maxtor turns (finally) into the biggest hard disks manufacturer

    In the end, and after a long waiting, the company of Milpitas (California) has announced that his merger is completed with Quantum HDD, turning into the first world company as for production and distribution of solutions of storage, and also (according to them) as for technology it refers.
    The products offered by the merger of both companies will be principally hard disks, destined for a wide fan of functions between which they emphasize the massive storage in personal computers and servants, the storage solutions in network, and other such electronic devices like digital videos, consoles of video games...
    Maxtor Corporation, name that will use the merger of both companies, waiting that thanks to his economic power and his intellectual property his presence grows quickly in all the segments (in full growth) related to the storage of information... with the permission of Seagate, which curiously has just produced more hard disks of 10.000 rpm that the WHOLE together competition, including to Maxtor and Quantum.

More information in:,1247,1062,00.html
Maxtor + Quantum = the first manufacturer of hard disks of the world
Maxtor reaches the 80 GB on a hard disk IDE
Seagate pulverizes all the records: hard disk of: 180 GB!!

News written for: Miquel Tarazona


His publicity in CsH

4/6/2001: Another graphic card with the KYRO II

    VideoLogic Vivid! XS Hardcore Graphics Accelerator, the last product of VideoLogic, is a graphic card capable of competing with other cards 3D like the GeForce2 of NVIDIA or the ATI RADEON of very attractive form, principally for his more than excellent relation quality / price, authentic banner of the new graphic chip KYRO II of the family PowerVR.
    This card will be provided with 32 MB of memory SDRAM, chip and memory to 175 MHz and, of course, support for Direct3D and OpenGL. Other interesting characteristics are his exit of television and the help for hardware for the DVDs decodificación.
    Also, thanks to the graphic chip that integrates account with support for the last effects 3D as there can be a textures compression, environment bump mapping, smoothed from rims to finished screen (Full Screen Anti-Aliasing), alpha blending, lights you will speculate, etc. Only he lacks support of T&L, but neither are so much games that take advantage of it, and for approximately 85 £...

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Already to the sale graphic cards with the chip KYRO

News written for: Miquel Tarazona


4/6/2001: Crucial micron bursts the prices of the memory DDR

    Micron, one of the biggest manufacturers of memory of the world, has begun this week to distribute his modules of memory DDR-SDRAM PC2100 (capable of working to the equivalent to 266 MHz) across his
Crucial daughter company.
    This news was much waited in the sector, for the high quality and big production capacity of the manufacturer of Idaho. The process of design and ratification has been very long, but it has been worth it: the prices of these modules are EXCELLENT, 60 $ 128 MB that and 103 $ 256 MB that , existing also models with parity ECC for scarcely more 10 %.
    These prices, enough below what they cost other memoirs DDR (even for modules of PC1600, the 200 MHz DDR ), undoubtedly will force the rest of manufacturers to check his offers. What does not seem is that the memory RDRAM (Rambus) could compete, since for his scarce acceptance a module of RDRAM PC800 costs more of the double that one of DDR PC2100 of Micron...

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Micron offers memory DDR at SDRAM price
ROUTE also sponsors "his" memory, the DDR
Intel sponsors the RDRAM... while he designs chipsets for the DDR-SDRAM
Apacer and IBM work together to the advantage of the DDR

News written for: Juan Herrerías


His publicity in CsH

4/5/2001: ATI buys FireGL

    Less than two weeks ago we were commenting on the serious attempt of ATI for buying FireGL; to today there is official the news of which FireGL, one of the ancient graphic divisions of SONICblue (S3), already is part of the Canadian company. ATI has bought it for 2,7 million dollars, more another 7,3 million dollars if the targets designed by ATI are fulfilled.
    This way ATI enters the "big door" on the market of professional cards destined for programs of design as important as 3DStudio MAX or SoftImage. The API used preferably by these cards is the powerful OpenGL (open graphic bookstore).
    ATI hopes to develop a family of cards that compete with the family of graphic cards GeForce Quadro of NVIDIA, designed specially for applications of engineering and modeling 3D. Also he hopes to incorporate diverse technologies inherited from FireGL to his family of "domestic" cards. Without place to doubt, good news that helps us to forget a little more the sad disappearance of 3dfx and S3...

More information in:
ATI tries to buy FireGL
S3 it moves back (temporarily?) of the battle for the reign 3D

News written for: Ignacio Jiménez of the Ship


4/4/2001: Available the AMD Duron to 900 MHz

    The American company AMD has just thrown a new Duron to 900 MHz. The only difference of this model is said internal speed of the mike, since it keeps on being provided with 128 KB of cache memory L1 and with 64 KB of cache memory L2 at the same speed of the mike and a band of 64 bits. Likewise, there keeps on being provided with a bus 200 MHz Federal Security Service (100 MHz x 2 "to the DDR") and it is made of format Socket 462 (Socket A).
    According to Pat Moorhead, vice-president of marketing of AMD, "the AMD Duron is up to 30 % more rapid than Intel Celeron at the same speed", an affirmation probably little or not exaggerated at all. According to the last AMD plans, this will be the last model of the series Duron that uses the current nucleus, to pass in the second half of 2001 his successor named Morgan; although it would not be the first time that AMD (or Intel) changes of plans on the march...
    In independent tests that we could have seen, the AMD Duron keeps on demonstrating a magnificent yield; not even the models "of high scale" from AMD or Intel intimidate 1 GHz. This does not make but to confirm again that is an excellent mike if it goes accompanied by a good graphic card 3D. A mike that, for only 129 $, makes Intel Celeron "meaningless" on the domestic market (in every respect of the phrase), but that still needs a major confidence and recognition on the part of the users.

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The AMD Athlon reaches 1,33 GHz... without the nucleus Young pigeon
Good times for AMD = more factories in his future
AMD: Duron 850 and collaboration with Transmeta for 64 bits

News written for: Ignacio Jiménez of the Ship


His publicity in CsH

4/3/2001: Matrox does not forget the PCI users

    Matrox presents a new card, the Matrox Millennium G450 PCI, who answers to the demand of the users of graphic cards in format PCI.
    According to the proper Matrox, the appearance of this card with support for two monitors or TVs (thanks to the technology DualHead), is ideal for the numerous holders of basic badges without possibility of expansion by means of AGP (like the cradles in the chipset Intel 810, by no means ancient and very widespread) or for users who need an additional graphic card.
    Of course: his yield in 3D is low, where it shines at altitude it is in the paragraph of 2D and support of several screens. It will be able to be acquired by Internet in the shop online of Matrox for a price of only 115 $ during the same trimester.

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News written for: Miquel Tarazona


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