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Week of 10-4-2000 16-4-2000  

4/12/2000: More information on Intel Itanium

    Recently there has been published in the Intel web site for developers the presentation of the already near processor Intel of 64 bits Itanium that was realized in the last Intel Developer Forum (IDF) last month.
    In 34 slides of the document we find quite detailed information of the mike, which prototypes should already be taking place "for thousands": speed (initially) of 800 MHz, up to 20 operations for clock cycle (!!!), CPU of 25 million transistors and, attention, 4 MB of cache memory of THIRD level (L3) in the proper cartridge of the mike. This scheme at three cache memory levels has been demonstrated previously very effectively, for example in mikes like the AMD K6-III.
    Another significant advance there are the bus of system, capable of transmitting neither more nor less than 2,1 GB/s (at present Pentium III transmits a maximum of 1 GB/s, and the AMD Athlon 1,6 GB/s), and a potency in mathematical calculations simply resounding.
    The Itanium will have to appear on the market in some moment during the second semester of this year, and it is assined to servants of high scale, by no means for the domestic market. It will use an operating system of 64 bits of new generation, between which they comment on a new Windows (Win64) or, more probably, a version of Linux of 64 bits based on the Project Trillian.
    But they will not stop here, the McKinley promises to be already by the end of 2001, later the Madison... after everything, Intel hopes that this technology should be used at least next 25 years, what perhaps is a too long-term forecast; after everything, the PC has not even 20 years...

More information in:
Intel produces the first Itanium destined for the developers


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