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Week from 16-4-2001 to 22-4-2001  

His publicity in CsH

4/21/2001: Wanadoo and Endesa will increase the competition in the wide band

    Prompt Terra Spain will have another important competitor in the access of wide band to Internet by means of ADSL: the company of telephony Uni2 prepares, across Wanadoo, his access service by means of ADSL, which seems to be will be free from May.
    On the other hand, and by means of a completely different technology (PLC), Endesa (yes, which light us every day) prepares his access to information through the network electricity company. The first tests are already realized with two variants of this technology, they reaching speeds of 3 Mbit/s and 12 Mbit/s, the whole record in this type of transmissions; a classic modem is some 200 times slower...
    Internet services will be offered by wide band, televigilancia, telephony IP, multimedia services - video streaming, digital music, television and radio and vídeoconferencia - probably at the beginning of next year. So he knows already: "where there is electricity, it will have Internet".

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News written for: Miquel Tarazona


4/20/2001: Good economic results for AMD... and regular for Intel

    AMD has just made public the results of sales corresponding to the first trimester of the present year. According to AMD, despite the crisis of the sector 9 % has had in the above mentioned period sales as a value of 1.188.747.000 $, that is to say, more than in the same period of the year 2000. AMD has sold a whole of 7,3 million microprocessors for PCs, of which 6,5 millions are part of the family Athlon/Duron; these sales of mikes, 17 % more that in the first trimester of last year, they have provided to him the not despicable at all quantity for 661 million dollars.
    "The sales of our microprocessors of the seventh generation (AMD Athlon and AMD Duron) grew sequentially 27 % and 126 %-year-old for other (...) we are going to continue with our aggressive production in Dresden (Germany) of microprocessors of the family Athlon, including the new versions of low consumption", points out W.J. Sanders III, AMD president.
    On the other hand, his sales of memory Flash also have increased. In this case AMD there has obtained this first trimester of year an increase of sales of 26 % with regard to the same period of last year. Sanders justifies this tendency "like an increase of the demand of the sector of communications".
    A few information that make state that AMD offers a few quality products and at good price. Perhaps for this strong competition, Intel has suffered a descent of 16 % in his income with regard to the same trimester of last year. It seems that small David is becoming major at the cost of the enormous Giant...

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Good times for AMD = more factories in his future

News written for: Ignacio Jiménez of the Ship


Great Prices on RAM!
His publicity in CsH

4/19/2001: Graphic Chips NVIDIA in Dell's new portable ones

    NVIDIA has just made a public that recently presented portable Dell Inspiron 8000 will count with his graphic processor GeForce2 Go The series Inspiron 8000 it is based on processors Intel Pentium III with frequencies that go from 700 MHz up to 1 GHz.
    "Dell's portable ones of the series Inspiron are synonymous of potency, portability and style", there argues Dan Vivoli, vice-president of marketing of NVIDIA. The chip GeForce2 Go of NVIDIA has already demonstrated his potency (it includes T&L for hardware), as well as his versatility and under consumption, which they make suitable to him for all kinds of portable with potency vocation.
    News that the Canadian ATI will not like too much, since his also very powerful ATI MOBILITY RADEON competes straight with the GeForce2 Go of NVIDIA. Dell is a leader in on-line sales of computers, so a succulent market pedacito has escaped from ATI. And if Dell ends up by demonstrating for NVIDIA the same (unjustified) loyalty that it supports with Intel (to the detriment of AMD), it would be a problem for ATI...

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News written for: Ignacio Jiménez of the Ship


4/18/2001: Matrox announces the availability of his Marvel G450 eTV

    Matrox presents this time a new card of the so called ones to us I "curve", that is to say, a card that covers all the multimedia needs of the domestic user and in the same card. Matrox Marvel G450 eTV is still based on the well-known graphic chip G450, a chip of very good services 2D but that in 3D, although he supports APIs Direct3D and OpenGL, cannot compete straight with the last incorporations of ATI or NVIDIA. Nevertheless, his 32 MB of memory DDR-SDRAM assure a valuation of stills quite acceptable in games.
    The G450 eTV stands out for his versatility in all kinds of reproduction of video or DVD, and of course for his TV tuning in stereo. It is capable of capturing video in format MPEG2 and it incorporates a novel Timeshifting technology for the recording of programs of TV, which allows to stop the image of live programs and to reproduce them later without need to rewind or to hope that it should finish the program. This technology, in combination with the DualHead (support for two monitors or TVs), will do the delights for all those that cannot lose all his favorite programs.
    The minimal requests are: 1 groove AGP, a processor to 300 MHz with at least 64 MB of RAM. For the reproduction of qualifications DVDs a 400 MHz mike is needed at least , and to enjoy the possibilities of recording of video / TV it is necessary to have a processor to 600 MHz, 128 MB of RAM and some 2 GB of free hard disk.
    It is already possible to acquire across the virtual Matrox shop, at a recommended price of 230 $, and probably cheaper across other distributors. Finally, a very finished card for all the lovers of "bent" or those who have few free grooves, but not adapted for the lovers of the speed 3D "pure and hard".

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Matrox does not forget the PCI users

News written for: Ignacio Jiménez of the Ship


His publicity in CsH

4/17/2001: Advances for the futures chips of 10 GHz or more

    Finally the first machine prototype has appeared to make chips by means of lithographed with ultraviolet light (in the shape of fluorine laser), what will allow the processors creation tens of times more rapids and memoirs of a lot of major capacity of what we are accustomed nowadays.
    The question takes root in that with the current technology, he hopes to go over like much up to 0:1 microns (when companies as ROUTE make already component with integration scales from 0,15 to 0,13 microns, being the most habitual 0:18 microns). The new technology would allow to go so far as to print circuits with an integration thickness between 0,07 and 0,03 microns.
    Behind this prototype they are, not any more not less than the American government (across the laboratories Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory and Foolish National Laboratories, in California, all of them of the energy department), and a consortium of companies called EUV LLC (in which there are Intel, Motorola, AMD, Micron, Infineon and IBM).
    Nevertheless, they plan still certain doubts and enough engineering work stays; perhaps about the year 2005 become a reality in the chips factories. And it is not the only project in march, since the Japanese machinery manufacturers (Canon and Nikon, principally) see with suspicion a program so "Made in USA"...

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News written for: Miquel Tarazona


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