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Week of 24-4-2000 to 30-4-2000  

4/29/2000: Intel will not use the serial number in his new mikes

    As announces
ZDNet, Intel glides to disconnect in his new mikes the only serial number or PSN (Processor Serial Number). This technology introduced with Pentium III, it was supposed that the safety of the deals would increase in Intenet, but from the beginning it had numerous detractors.
    The complaints had three different slopes: those who were considering it to be a way of controlling the persons who were sailing along Internet, which believed that it was not by no means an insurance (since many hackers were assuring to be able to read and/or imitate the above mentioned number), and finally those who saw it like an inadequate method, when not ridiculous (nobody was going to dismantle his microprocessor and to take it in the bosillo when it was using a different PC, of course).
    Finally, it seems that there have no been complaints, but the new keys encriptadas and the digital signature those who have made this technology obsolete... earlier of being still used.

More information in:,4586,2556671,00.html


4/28/2000: There appears the GeForce 2 GTS... and AMD supports it

    It is not a race car, but almost. The exit is already official to the market of the new one NV15, under the trade name of GeForce 2 GTS, just one day after the appearance of the chip of ATI. The new nVIDIA product says to be optimized for the AMD processors, with support for the instructions 3DNow! in addition to for the SSE of Intel.
    Also, nVIDIA and AMD is working together to improve the yield of two solutions (probably) more powerful than the market nowadays, optimizing to the maximum the controlers of the GeForce to increase the yield of the teams with processors Athlon and GeForce 2 GTS.
    The GeForce 2 GTS offers textures compression, Full Screen Anti Aliasing (as in the Voodoo 5), up to 128 MB DDR-SDRAM, support DirectX and OpenGL and a quite improved yield, between many other characteristics.

More information in:


4/28/2000: The AMD Spitfire will be called Duron

    The next AMD microprocessor for the consumption market has received his definitive name (unfortunately definitive, in my opinion); it seems that, as it is traditional, it comes from the Latin, of the word to "last" will "last" =. Strange name, the mikes occur rarely I will "last" little...
    The "Duron" (Durón, Durador, Lasting, Durable?) or ex-Spitfire it will be based on the Athlon, but with the cache memory L2 integrated, at the same speed as the mike, what will increase the yield at levels nearby or superior to those of the current Athlon with external cache memory. AMD has been very dark with regard to any other detail on the chip, but most of sources coincide that it will have 128 KB of cache memory L2 (the new Athlon will have 256 KB) and in that type will use a new format socket, the Socket A (something that very probably he shares with some of the new Athlon).
    The mike should fight in the consumption category, against Celeron de Intel and the K6 of the proper AMD; it is waited for June of this year. Certainly, another two future Athlon with integrated cache memory has called themselves up to the date Thunderbird and Mustang (the model for servants), but we are afraid that these names will be changed soon...

More information in:


4/25/2000: Presented the ATI Radeon 256

    Finally, the new graphic ATI chip will be called Radeon 256... or RADEON 256, the press release uses both names indiscriminately (?). But be called as it is called, there is not doubt that it is immensely powerful: support T&L completed, up to 128 MB of memory DDR to 200 MHz, 30 million transistors (7 millions more than the GeForce 256 of nVidia), 30 million triangles in second (the double that the GeForce), three textures units...
    Also, since it is habitual in the ATI solutions, the video yield is of the strong points of the chip, with decoder for HDTV, acceleration improved MPEG, compensation of movement... The users of the DVD are so of congratulations like the fanatics of the games 3D.
    Only it stays to see when the first cards will appear (towards summer beginning, perhaps?) and to verify if the real yield is at a height of the specifications; just in case, already he announces to himself that it is possible to place 2 chips Radeon in the same graphic card (a configuration "MAXX", as in already existing Rage Fury 128 MAXX), and if that does not turn out to be powerful me like the hat.

More information in:


4/25/2000: The first information on the GeForce2 (NV15)

    The first impressions on the GeForce2 GTS have appeared, and they are frankly good. Our lucky French companions of have had access to one of few cards of test of the GeForce 2, which officially will appear every Wednesday, the 26th in the USA and a few day later in Europe.
    In the article (certainly, in English instead of French) numerous information gives itself, so much that seems to have hurt the feelings of someone in nVidia and there it is auto-censured one until Tuesday or Wednesday; nevertheless, interest information is not missing: 0,18 micron s processor to 200 MHz, 32 MB of memory DDR to 166 MHz, T&L improved, new effects, anti-aliasing...
    As for the benchmarks (you try yield) it seems that they demonstrate that the absence of enough fillrate, the principal defect (if it is that it had someone) of the previous GeForce (the NV10), it has been corrected, or at least partly. They seem hard times for S3, 3dfx and the others...

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