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News published during 1999  

This page serves as index and file of the news published in CsH during the year 1999, arranged per weeks as his date of publication. Pulsate in the linkage to gain access to the corresponding news.


Week from 20-12-1999 to 26-12-1999
12/24/1999: 3Dlabs it sells his patents to Intel
12/24/1999: Intel presents the Pentium III to 800 MHz



Week from 6-12-1999 to 12-12-1999
12/12/1999: Samsung fights for Alpha EV7
12/12/1999: Intel produces the first Itanium destined for the developers
12/8/1999: 3Dfx it liberates the code source of GLIDE



Week from 29-11-1999 to 5-12-1999
12/2/1999: The future chipset i815 will support AGP
11/29/1999: 750 MHz: AMD, today; Intel...: in January, perhaps?



Week from 22-11-1999 to 28-11-1999
11/26/1999: The AMD does Athlon reach 0,75 GHz?
11/25/1999: In justice towards Intel...
11/23/1999: Problems of Intel (with almost quite)



Week from 15-11-1999 to 21-11-1999
11/20/1999: New Asus motherboard for AMD K7 Athlon
11/20/1999: AMD gains the career for the first GHz
11/18/1999: Linux and Linus, protagonists of the Comdex
11/16/1999: 3Dfx it presents the Voodoo 4 and 5
11/15/1999: Intel presents his badges with chipset 820



Week from 8-11-1999 to 14-11-1999
11/14/1999: The Intel legal actions do not intimidate to ROUTE
11/14/1999: AMD announces: new mikes, big availability, benefits...



Week from 1-11-1999 to 7-11-1999
11/7/1999: Microsoft GUILTY of monopoly, does not give up
11/7/1999: Compaq, HP and others prepared for the PC "free of inherited technology"
11/4/1999: They finish the debts of the chipset i820
11/4/1999: A console of games of Microsoft?



Week from 25-10-1999 to 31-10-1999
10/29/1999: Service Pack 6 for Windows NT 4.0
10/28/1999: On February 17, throwing of Windows 2000
10/28/1999: New Pentium III Coppermine suffer from scarcity and debts
10/25/1999: Problem USB + Windows 98SE + AMD + ROUTE



Week from 18-10-1999 to 24-10-1999
10/21/1999: AMD inaugurates his new factory in Dresden
10/21/1999: 3Dfx it throws the Voodoo3 3000 in PCI
10/21/1999: The badges i820 will only have 2 grooves RIMM
10/18/1999: On January 10: AMD Athlon to 1 GHz



Week from 11-10-1999 to 17-10-1999
10/15/1999: What is Celeron III?
10/14/1999: The USB 2.0 will offer up to 80 MB/s
10/13/1999: There is late the Apple G4 to 500 MHz for a mistake of the mike
10/13/1999: Throwing of the chipset Intel 810E



Week from 4-10-1999 to 10-10-1999
10/8/1999: AMD announces the Athlon Ultra for 2000
10/6/1999: Apple presents the iMac II
10/6/1999: Itanium: definitive name of Intel Merced
10/4/1999: AMD presents the K7 to 700 MHz
10/4/1999: 10/4/1999: Samsung suspends the production of memory RDRAM


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