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This page serves as index and file of all the news, which are arranged for weeks as his date of publication. Pulsate in the linkage to gain access to the corresponding news, or use the stamp placed to the left to look for all the news that contain certain key words.


Week of 25-6-2001 to 1-7-2001
6/30/2001: ATI confirms the arrival of the RADEON 2 and "he allows to love" with 3
6/28/2001: Intel confirms the arrival of the Tualatin and of new Pentium 4
6/27/2001: The first official specifications of the DDR-II
6/26/2001: TSMC leads to the Crusoe up to 0:13 microns
6/25/2001: Intel will present this week his first advances in 0,13 microns



Week from 18-6-2001 to 24-6-2001
6/24/2001: Seagate presents his hard disks USB
6/24/2001: Maxtor throws the hard disk the biggest IDE of the world
6/22/2001: GameBoy Advance of Nintendo already to the sale
6/21/2001: Bill Gates, a man convinced in doing to us happy
6/20/2001: Matrox throws a new chip, the G550
6/19/2001: 2001: Annus Horribilis of the industry of computers?
6/18/2001: The NVIDIA Quadro2 has already drivers for Itanium



Week from 11-6-2001 to 17-6-2001
6/17/2001: Not only ROUTE supports the FireWire: ATI also
6/17/2001: Problems with the size of the office? Matrox to the rescue
6/14/2001: Transmeta will come soon to the GHz with his new Crusoe
6/13/2001: USB 2.0 or Firewire? ROUTE feeds the polemic



Week from 4-6-2001 to 10-6-2001
6/9/2001: More cards with KYRO and KYRO II
6/8/2001: The winner of the career for 0:13 microns is...: ROUTE??
6/7/2001: AMD announces the availability of the Athlon to 1,4 GHz and the Duron to 950 MHz
6/6/2001: Our entreaty has been listened: Dual Athlon!! (MP)
6/5/2001: ATI keeps on equipping the Apple iBook
6/4/2001: NVIDIA nForce: the best chipset of all the times?



Week from 28-5-2001 to 3-6-2001
6/3/2001: ABIT presents a badge for AMD and DDR-SDRAM (and others for P4)
6/2/2001: ALi takes the DDR to the portable ones
6/1/2001: Intel and ROUTE prepare the arrival of Pentium III Tualatin
5/31/2001: ATI licenses his graphic chips to third
5/30/2001: ATI presents the technology TRUFORM of his futures chips
5/29/2001: Intel throws to the market his Itanium of 64 bits (finally!)



Week of 21-5-2001 to 27-5-2001
5/27/2001: Piece of news ATI RADEON MAC EDITION
5/26/2001: Panasonic presents a unit DVD-RAM for USB 2.0
5/24/2001: Available Service Pack 2 in Spanish for Windows 2000
5/24/2001: More rumors appear on the Hammer of 64 bits of AMD
5/21/2001: A new professional chip (or almost) of NVIDIA



Week from 14-5-2001 to 20-5-2001
5/20/2001: ATI presents the new technology for Pokémon
5/19/2001: The DDR-SDRAM for the soils!!
5/18/2001: Intel reacts with the manufacture in 0,13 microns
5/17/2001: ROUTE and SONICblue present his new chipset ProSavage KN133
5/17/2001: ATI also remembers the users of cards PCI
5/16/2001: AMD presents his new Athlon 4 and Duron for portable



Week of 7-5-2001 13-5-2001
5/13/2001: The wireless networks of high speed come
5/13/2001: Transmeta obtains an important client for his Crusoe
5/11/2001: The AMD Young pigeon will be called "Athlon 4"
5/10/2001: Rambus guilty of fraud, will have to pay to Infineon!
5/10/2001: Last Matrox the development of his graphic chip G550
5/9/2001: It is official: Windows XP at the end of October



Week from 30-4-2001 to 6-5-2001
5/5/2001: Infineon, declared innocent person; of course, Rambus will appeal
5/4/2001: Sony glides to lower the price of the PlayStation2... after the summer
5/3/2001: AMD cuts moreover his prices away
5/2/2001: The first specifications (supposed, dear, presumable) of the KYRO 3
5/2/2001: Rambus loses possibilities in his trial against Infineon



Week of 23-4-2001 to 29-4-2001
4/29/2001: Beautiful (and useful) new motherboard for AMD of MSI
4/27/2001: The AMD of 64 bits will be... really small
4/26/2001: Quantum3D supports the GPUs of NVIDIA
4/25/2001: NVIDIA cuts away the prices of his family GeForce2
4/24/2001: New Pentium 4 to 1,7 GHz...: for only 352 $!!
4/23/2001: The first dual basic badges for Pentium III with memory DDR



Week from 16-4-2001 to 22-4-2001
4/21/2001: Wanadoo and Endesa will increase the competition in the wide band
4/20/2001: Good economic results for AMD... and regular for Intel
4/19/2001: Graphic Chips NVIDIA in Dell's new portable ones
4/18/2001: Matrox announces the availability of his Marvel G450 eTV
4/17/2001: Advances for the futures chips of 10 GHz or more



Week of 9-4-2001 15-4-2001
4/14/2001: Strange rumors on Windows XP and the MP3...
4/12/2001: Adaptec supports the USB 2.0...: but Microsoft not!
4/11/2001: Pentium 4: very quickly to 1,7 GHz and cheaper enough?
4/10/2001: Serious judicial reverses for Rambus
4/9/2001: Intel presents his prototypes with 0,13 microns technology
4/9/2001: Sony throws a breeding animal MP3 and recording CD portable-RW



Week from 2-4-2001 to 8-4-2001
4/8/2001: API NetWorks accelerates the use of the technology HyperTransport
4/7/2001: Maxtor turns (finally) into the biggest hard disks manufacturer
4/6/2001: Another graphic card with the KYRO II
4/6/2001: Crucial micron bursts the prices of the memory DDR
4/5/2001: ATI buys FireGL
4/4/2001: Available the AMD Duron to 900 MHz
4/3/2001: Matrox does not forget the PCI users



Week from 26-3-2001 to 1-4-2001
3/30/2001: Will have support of T&L the PowerVR KYRO III?
3/29/2001: Nintendo Gamecube will take a graphic ATI chip
3/28/2001: ROUTE relaunches the series of processors Cyrix with new ROUTE C3
3/27/2001: Microsoft is allied by Transmeta



Week from 19-3-2001 to 25-3-2001
3/23/2001: ATI tries to buy FireGL
3/23/2001: Transmeta also signs up Linux
3/22/2001: The AMD Athlon reaches 1,33 GHz... without the nucleus Young pigeon
3/21/2001: Yamaha announces his new series of tape recorders CRW2200
3/20/2001: Mikes for portable: Pentium III to 1 GHz and Celeron to 750 MHz



Week from 12-3-2001 to 18-3-2001
3/18/2001: KYRO II of STM, the last barrier opposite to NVIDIA and ATI
3/15/2001: Available 3DMark 2001 (and also WCPUID 3.0)
3/12/2001: Also SiS will make chipsets for Pentium 4



Week of 5-3-2001 11-3-2001
3/11/2001: Pentium III has not died... at least in the dual area
3/9/2001: Prepared, ready...: already! Mac OS X is already here
3/8/2001: NVIDIA improves (and it deteriorates) the chip GeForce2 MX
3/7/2001: ASUS announces his cards based on the chip GeForce3
3/6/2001: ROUTE also sponsors "his" memory, the DDR



Week from 26-2-2001 to 4-3-2001
3/4/2001: Intel sponsors the RDRAM... while he designs chipsets for the DDR-SDRAM
3/2/2001: USB renewed for the future badges Pentium 4
2/28/2001: The first analyses independent from the chip GeForce3 definitive
2/27/2001: Intel throws the Pentium III to 700 MHz deep I consume for portable



Week from 19-2-2001 to 25-2-2001
2/24/2001: ATI presents his RADEON SEES
2/23/2001: More details on the NVIDIA GeForce3
2/22/2001: IBM turns his writing into bits, into any place
2/21/2001: Apple presents his new Power Mac G4 with SuperDrive
2/20/2001: Transmeta and Microsoft open new ways for the Crusoe



Week from 12-2-2001 to 18-2-2001
2/18/2001: ALi will make chipsets for Pentium 4
2/17/2001: Big acceptance on the part of the industry to the LDT of AMD
2/16/2001: The Xbox of Microsoft: pure NVIDIA heart
2/15/2001: The memory low SDRAM up to ridiculous prices
2/13/2001: The NVIDIA GeForce3 is on having fallen down



Week of 5-2-2001 11-2-2001
2/11/2001: Pentium 4 with memory DDR for this autumn?
2/10/2001: Rambus presents progress in his memory
2/9/2001: Sega will stop making the Dreamcast
2/7/2001: Good news for the Macintosh users (and those of PC...?)
2/6/2001: ATI presents his MOBILITY RADEON
2/5/2001: Interested Transmeta in...: servants multiprocessor??!



Week from 29-1-2001 to 4-2-2001
2/2/2001: IBM presents his new hard disk of 15.000 rpm
1/31/2001: New and powerful pretender of the AMD of 64 bits
1/30/2001: Intel throws two new mikes of very low consumption



Week of 22-1-2001 to 28-1-2001
1/27/2001: ARM will use the technology PowerVR
1/26/2001: New architecture for the AMD of 64 bits
1/25/2001: It lowers the price of the microprocessors and the memory
1/24/2001: Itanium de Intel: better than...: 486!!? (in 32 bits)
1/23/2001: Two new basic badges with chipset ROUTE KT133A



Week from 15-1-2001 to 21-1-2001
1/21/2001: Apacer and IBM work together to the advantage of the DDR
1/19/2001: New protection system in the Microsoft Whistler?
1/18/2001: Re-renewed Pentium III in way
1/17/2001: ALi answers to ROUTE with DDR + integrated video
1/16/2001: Already in manufacture the chipset DDR of ROUTE for Athlon
1/15/2001: They come (to Japan) the new mikes AMD for portable
1/15/2001: The chips Voodoo will not die completely... for the time being



Week of 8-1-2001 14-1-2001
1/14/2001: The manufacturers of graphic cards, to the assault of the market Apple
1/13/2001: Avalanche of innovations Apple in hardware and software
1/12/2001: Rambus gains money...: by means of threats?
1/11/2001: Blow of effect: I match of patents between Intel and ATI
1/10/2001: Good times for AMD = more factories in his future
1/8/2001: AMD: Duron 850 and collaboration with Transmeta for 64 bits



Week from 1-1-2001 to 7-1-2001
1/7/2001: Apple might gain access to thousands of free applications
1/6/2001: Linus proclaims: "OK, already coarse; the kernel 2.4.0 is there out"
1/6/2001: Micron offers memory DDR at SDRAM price
1/5/2001: Motorola G4 Bonus, a need for the Apple of the future
1/4/2001: Finally, a Celeron with 100 MHz bus!
1/3/2001: New year, new nuclei: Linux and Windows are renewed
1/2/2001: New products Intel Inside (and they are not microprocessor)


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