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Week from 14-5-2001 to 20-5-2001  

His publicity in CsH

5/20/2001: ATI presents the new technology for Pokémon

    The anxious ones to possess a future vídeoconsola Nintendo GAMECUBE already have closer his target, of the ATI hand; because the last creation of the parents of the famous plumber Mario and not less famous persons monstruitos Pokémon will be promoted, and not only in his graphic aspect, by an ATI processor. Some details on this one have been announced in the fair E3 of Los Angeles, California.
    In addition to being in charge of offering the engine for graphs 2D and 3D, the "Pinball machine", which this way is called, will have also a DSP (digital processor of sound) especially devoted to the accused of audio signs, and will integrate all the functions of entry / exit (typical of a chipset in case of the computers) both of the principal processor and of the system of memory, the devices of storage, modem, cards flash...
    As for the console in itself, we want to aim at least at a small doubt about his commercial viability: it uses a proprietary optical disc as a storage, with 1,5 capacity GB in only 8 centimeters. This is something technically excellently, but it prevents from copying the games, something to what undoubtedly the PlayStation owes departs from his success. Anyway, it is his decision...
    What remains clear is that ATI cannot allow competing with NVIDIA on any market (the Microsoft XBOX uses a NVIDIA chip with similar characteristics), and let's hope that this way it should be for the long time. The Nintendo GAMECUBE will come to the Japanese shops in September, and in November to the North Americans... unfortunately, to Europe almost surely that it will not come until 2002. Ah, the XBOX is waited also for this autumn, with a more "encompassed" throwing.

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News written for: Miquel Tarazona and Juan Herrerías


Crucial DDR US
Memory DDR-SDRAM? In Crucial it will find it

5/19/2001: The DDR-SDRAM for the soils!!

    And we do not refer that is not going to triumph, but to that Micron, one of the biggest manufacturers of memory RAM on a global scale, has put the DDR-SDRAM PC2100 (yes, the most rapid, that of 133 x 2 MHz) at the same price as the SDRAM PC133 of CAS=3. And we can buy it ourselves across the web of, his on-line distributor.
    Micron has placed the prices of the DDR-SDRAM PC2100 in 41,39 $ (slightly less than 8.000 pesetas) for the 128 MB module and in 79,19 $ (approximately 15.000 pesetas) for the 256 MB module . So cheap, that the modules of SDRAM PC133 of high quality (CAS=2) cost a little more: 47,69 $ and 83,69 $ respectively. The whole temptation for those that always walk scarce of resources and, especially, for those holders of the most modern chipsets for Pentium III or AMD Athlon/Duron.
    According to Micron, this has been possible thanks to the fact that the DDR production is every time bigger and to the step than a more advanced technology (0,15 microns) that allows to reduce the manufacture costs. Undoubtedly, very much it will have to do also the bad moment of sales through that the sector lives... although in fact, the motive of the reduction imports little to the users: truth?
Note of the writing: despite the announcement of Crucial Micron, this news has been written in a completely objective way. Really, we are not guilty of that one of our sponsors does a good offer: no? ;-)

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News written for: Miquel Tarazona


His publicity in CsH

5/18/2001: Intel reacts with the manufacture in 0,13 microns

    Intel is not happening in his best moment, test of it is the market share that AMD has taken from him in this first trimester of the year. His 0,18 microns Pentium III (Coppermine) cannot raise it to any more than 1 GHz and compete this way with the AMD Athlon. If it was small, his Pentium 4 has not come off so much like the Intel managers they had wished for his high price and "scarce" yield compared to the AMD Athlon, or even with their own Pentium III to 1 GHz.
    Short-term solution? To lower the prices of his microprocessors again, as it has being habitual; this, according to the very well informed boys of The Register and ZDNet, will be May 27, with a clipping that will come up to 38 %. In particular Pentium III to 1 GHz would fall down 14 % being located in 193 $. The version for portable would do the proper thing to 1 GHz, lowering at least 12 % (probably more, before the exit of the Athlon 4). The Celeron for office to 800 MHz (the first one with bus 100 MHz Federal Security Service ) would lower 20 %, falling down up to 74 $.
    Medium-term solution? To begin delivering the first units of the review of Pentium III made of 0,13 micron s technology , the Tualatin as soon as possible, probably at the beginning of July. This technology would allow to Intel to overcome the barrier of the gigahertzio with facility and low the price of the costs of production, a few essential measurements if he does not want to miss the AMD train.
    Meanwhile, all this benefits the users (it was already an hour), and everything is necessary to be grateful for it to AMD. He does not stop being an onlooker that the "smaller, more rapid and cheaper quantum" beginning on which the current mikes are based, is the whole advertizing claim. The Physics and the Marketing saying the same... what things the life has.

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News written for: Ignacio Jiménez of the Ship


Buy memory RAM of quality!!
Memory SDRAM PC133 of quality? In Crucial, undoubtedly

5/17/2001: ROUTE and SONICblue present his new chipset ProSavage KN133

    ROUTE and SONICblue (part of the ancient one S3), following the collaboration agreement of last January 25, have presented a chipset with video integrated for portable designed for the new Athlon 4 and Duron. The piece of news "creature" is named KN133 or "Twister K" and incorporates the ports North Bridge VT8362 and South Bridge VT8231. Continue the line of his older brothers KX133/KT133/KT133A, but with proper characteristics of the portable ones like finished support of ACPI and of the system Powernow! 2.0 of AMD for the saving of energy of the processor.
    Federal Security Service of 200 supports a bus ó 266 MHz, as well as memory SDRAM of 100 ó 133 MHz. It has integrated a graphic controler S3 Savage 4 with support AGP 4x and a scheme SMA for which it uses the memory of the system as a video memory, for major integration. Nevertheless, optionally the graphic checker is possible to update. Likewise, he supports hard disks ATA100 / 66/33, four ports USB version 1. X and integrated sound and modem.
    Finally, a chipset that brings over to the user practically the whole technology that he might arrange in a dessert computer, and thought to extract the biggest party to the new Athlon 4 and to the Duron in his versions for portable. It represents at present an option more than interesting for the new newborn babies of AMD, which only already lacks support of memory DDR-SDRAM...

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News written for: Ignacio Jiménez of the Ship


5/17/2001: ATI also remembers the users of cards PCI

    Since it was doing Matrox not long ago, ATI has decided to extract a version for bus PCI of his popular model RADEON for multimedia. His availability in Europe is foreseen by the beginning of the same summer.
    It is destined so much to computers with need for an update in his graphic paragraph, as, especially, to those based in chipsets modern but that do not possess connector AGP (like the chipset Intel i810, for example), or those teams who need the second graphic card with enough services for works with multimonitor. In any case, we must emphasize that the use of the bus PCI instead of the AGP does not suppose by no means a considerable loss of yield.
    The ATI ALL-IN-WONDER RADEON PCI, in addition to good yield in 3D thanks to the powerful chip of ATI (it does not come to "excellent" for the fact that his 32 MB of memory belong to SDRAM, instead of DDR), will offer: a sintonizadora stereo of TV, advanced capacities of recording of programs of TV, gone out of video, capturadora of video in MPEG-2 and assistance to the reproduction of DVD for hardware (in this aspect ATI it has always overcome his rivals), with support for sound Dolby 5.1, resolutions of even 2048x1536 points, with 120 Hz or more even 1600x1200... The whole multimedia card, now also in PCI.

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News written for: Miquel Tarazona


His publicity in CsH

5/16/2001: AMD presents his new Athlon 4 and Duron for portable

    AMD has just announced the availability of his new processor Athlon 4 for portable, together with the new Duron for portable (the above mentioned without so much big drum and saucer, but yes with an excellent yield), based both in the nucleus Young pigeon. The first Athlon 4 will go to frequencies of GHz, 950 MHz, 900 MHz and 850 MHz, with a few prices of 425 $, 350 $, 270 $ and 240 $ respectively, while the Duron will go to 850 MHz and 800 MHz, with a price of only 197 $ and 170 $ (in orders of 1.000 units).
    Important companies as HP or Compaq have already showed his interest in these mikes; and even it seems that Dell will include in his new portable ones the Athlon 4, what would be an important victory for AMD, for Dell's strong presence on the managerial market.
    The new processor Athlon 4, in his version for portable, for the time being keeps on being 0,18 microns and in format Socket A, but his consumption has lowered 20 %. A new byline system incorporates for hardware pre-fetch that prevee what information will be necessary and it loads them in the cache memory before they are needed by the microprocessor, a system already used by Intel Pentium 4.
    Also AMD has increased the number of deals between the cache memory and the RAM (TBL), which together with dates pre-fetch there are the principal causers of the increase of the yield, between 2 and 16 % more than an Athlon Thunderbird to the same frequency, the application.
    Also Now incorporates the piece of news 3D! Professional that give him compatibility with the instructions SEE of Intel. This is possible thanks to 52 new instructions that allow him to understand and make use of the code of all the applications optimized for the SEE of Intel. The whole agreeable surprise... except perhaps for Intel.
    Be provided also with the system PowerNow! that, in the states of few battery, optimizes and reduces automatically the speed of the mike of dynamic form, in contrast to the system SpeedStep de Intel that only "cuts" the speed of the mike away. This is possible thanks to the fact that it is prepared for 32 different configurations between voltage and speed of the mike. We will keep you informed about the already near versions of the Young pigeon for domestic computers and servants.

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News written for: Ignacio Jiménez of the Ship


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