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Week of 21-5-2001 to 27-5-2001  

Crucial DDR US
Memory DDR-SDRAM? In Crucial it will find it

5/27/2001: Piece of news ATI RADEON MAC EDITION

    The Canadian manufacturer ATI throws a new version of his card with chip RADEON, which is provided with 32 MB of memory DDR-SDRAM and   X has been optimized to work to the perfection with the MAC YOU .
    And the fact is that ATI does not seem to be ready to keep on losing market share at the cost of NVIDIA, and much less in an area where until now it was the dominating egg white (and almost the only provider): the computers Apple Macintosh.
    Making use of the throwing of the new operating system Mac OS X, the Canadian company makes sure that his graphic processor offers the best yield of the market under this one new (and fantastic) operating system, using OpenGL and to 32 color bits be which be the used resolution. To improve this offer, it offers exit DVI for digital flat screens, in addition to the VGA, of course.

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News written for: Miquel Tarazona


His publicity in CsH

5/26/2001: Panasonic presents a unit DVD-RAM for USB 2.0

    The Japanese company Panasonic-Matsushita prepares to throw to the market a new unit DVD-RAM. And what is this? Since a unit capable of reading all kinds of CD-ROMs, DVDs (Digital Video Disc) and also of: to record and to re-record DVDs! (in support DVD-RAM, the DVDs that come already with movies are inalterable). In particular it is capable of reading and of writing a wide variety of formats of DVD-RAM: of 2,6 GB, 5,2 GB, 4,7 GB and 9,4 GB. The unit is external, with an attractive design and thought for his connection both to PCs and to Apple Macintosh.
    So that an idea is done, in a DVD of a face of 4,7 GB MPEG-2, 10 hours of digital audio can be stored up to two hours of digital video , 136 photos of very high resolution and up to 2,6 million pages of text. Thinking of writing an encyclopedia? Good, this is the solution...
    This new DVD-RAM of Panasonic (model PIX-DVRM/U2) reproduces all kinds of CD-ROMs, including Video CD, at a speed of 24x and reproduces the DVD at a speed of 6x. It incorporates a system of correction of errors and it is capable of reaching 100.000 processes of writing and re-writing. We go, that at first has tape recorder DVD for a lot of time.
    So far not at all that has not been done earlier, but what does his outstanding sound two factors: on the one hand, connection for USB 2.0, allowing transferences of up to 60 MB/s (also it is compatible with the USB 1.1, but believe us: it is not worth it) and his price, "only 580 $ (bear in mind that the engraver of Panasonic DMR-E1 of "dessert" costs 3.999 $). Undoubtedly, this can be a viable solution for the user or for the professional who needs all the advantages of storage and quality of the DVD.

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News written for: Ignacio Jiménez of the Ship


Buy memory RAM of quality!!
Memory SDRAM PC133 of quality? In Crucial, undoubtedly

5/24/2001: Available Service Pack 2 in Spanish for Windows 2000

    Microsoft has just thrown the Service Pack 2 (SP2) in Spanish for all the versions of Windows 2000. One "service pack" is a compilation of all the updates and patches available for this operating system based on the nucleus NT. Microsoft recommends the installation of this Service Pack even when there are no apparent problems of functioning. It is not necessary to install previously the SP1.
    This new Service Pack incorporates progress in the stability of the operating system, major compatibility into the applications written for Windows NT 4 or Windows 95/98, update of the program of installation, as well as diverse questions relative to the safety. In this sense, he emphasizes that with the SP2 the coding of high level is for defect of 128 bits instead of the "scarce" 56 current bits, improving the safety of the stored information and the deals in line.
    Between the numerous patches that it incorporates, he emphasizes the patch that improves the compatibility with all the ROUTE chipsets, especially the KX133, KT133 and KT133A. Microsoft affirms that it gives native support for these chipsets and that it provides a better yield of all the devices IDE, such as CD-ROMs or hard disks.
    There are two types of installation: the "rapid" on-line (express), which only unloads the files necessary for our system (approximately 10 MB if SP1 or 20 MB are already had installed if it is not like that) and is recommended for the users of analogical modems. The second one is the off-line, named "of network" (network) and there are 110 MB, recommended for users of lines RDSI or Superiors and managers of the system who want to update several teams.
    For major information, pulsate here.

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News written for: Ignacio Jiménez of the Ship


5/24/2001: More rumors appear on the Hammer of 64 bits of AMD

    Since it has being something habitual, the rumorología does his appearance in scene. This time touches the future processor of AMD of 64 bits, so called Hammer (hammer). An inaccurate science the rumorología, which must not take exactly, but which helps us to do the first impressions to us on what the future provides us.
    Prevee that the Hammer of AMD avenges with a controler of memory integrated DDR-SDRAM, connected to the processor by means of the technology HyperTransport (LDT) of AMD, a brilliant idea that will improve the access to memory. AMD also hopes to introduce the system NUMA (Non-Uniform Memory Access) for systems multiprocessor that will allow every processor to use the local memory of the others.
    The first one of the Hammer, named Clawhammer, is waited for the third trimester of 2002 and made with the technology SOI of 0,13 microns of IBM (with a size of 105 mm2) and to an initial frequency of 2 GHz. One hopes, likewise, that he should support completely the game of instructions SSE2 of Intel (I presented only in the Pentium 4), slightly very believable bearing in mind that the Athlon 4 already supports the SSE of Intel.
    ROUTE is already being employed at a chipset for the so called Hammer K8T266, as well as the proper AMD and other companies. Unfortunately, we can affirm safely that the Hammer will not be compatible with the current badges in format Socket A; it was not going to be quite perfect...
    Finally, the family Hammer seems that it goes for good way and let's hope that he should not suffer too many debts. Certainly: 0,13 microns, 64 bits + native compatibility with 32 bits, support SSE2...? Who had thought this of AMD two years ago? And if not, that wonder it Intel...

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News written for: Ignacio Jiménez of the Ship


His publicity in CsH

5/21/2001: A new professional chip (or almost) of NVIDIA

    NVIDIA has just announced the new graphic chip Quadro2 EX, destined at the most basic level of the segment of professional workstations. Based on the successful one GeForce2 MX, it is located just below the Quadro2 MXR (that is to say, it is a question of the least powerful professional NVIDIA chip).
    In any case, it is provided with aptitude to handle neither more nor less than 350 millions of píxels per second (what it implies 700 million téxels or píxels texturizados, on having taken 2 texture units) and 21 million triangles per second. His 350 MHz excellent RAMDAC allows resolutions of even 2048x1536 (more that sufficient for most of professionals). Other characteristics are directed to improve the visual experience, like Digital Vibrance Control (to fit the color of the most ideal form) and the NVIDIA Shading Rasterizer, especially thought to improve the lighting of the objects in the scenes.
    Since it has being habitual, ELSA will offer cards with this chip, which there will count with 32 MB of memory SDRAM with a breadth of bus of 128 bits and 2,7 GB/s of maximum transference, as well as controlers optimized for OpenGL and for the applications 3D more used.
    The principal workstations manufacturers have already announced the immediate solutions availability with the piece of news "creature". The first ones in signing up to the throwing have been an IBM, with his scale IntelliStation Professional based on the operating systems Windows NT, 2000 or Linux (yes, also Linux), and Compaq, with his series Deskpro and Professional.

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News written for: Miquel Tarazona


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