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Week of 22-5-2000 to 28-5-2000  

5/27/2000: Incredible: again the Voodoo 5 is late !

    The sad news does not go a long way much any more: due to certain problems, which for once seem to be in the cards in themselves and not in the chip VSA-100, the throwing waited for yesterday will be late between one week and two.
    It does not look like anything very serious, but we are afraid that every day that happens and it does not appear the one that undoubtedly is an excellent graphic card, further there are the possibilities of recovery of 3dfx. Certainly, ATI waits for losses in the third trimester, Number Nine does not exist already as it marks... nVidia reigns.

More information in:


5/24/2000: To the sale the Voodoo 5

    From the 26th in all the shops... of the USA and Canada.
    It comes much late, has lost many market level, but it promises many things. The first Voodoo 5, 5500 AGP with two chips VSA-100 and 64 MB of memory, will be probably the model of entry in the scale; later the following models will come.
    Nevertheless, the problems of manufacture will do that it takes still some weeks in coming to Europe... Well, we will hope, already are used.

More information in:
From Voodoo 3 to Voodoo 5... without passing for 4 (for the time being)


5/24/2000: IBM Alpha will make the new processors

    A rival five-peseta coin for the new Xeon recently presented, with a spectacular yield, and a worth competitor for future Itanium...
    After the Digitalis buy on the part of Compaq, the new generation of microprocessors Alpha it will be made both by Samsung and by IBM (that already makes processors for HP), although it seems that we will have to wait to the next week so that the news should be official.
    The third generation of Alpha will make IBM 21264 (EV68), with 0,18 micron s technology (in the only 0,1 micron s future ) and interconnections of copper and speeds of 1,2 GHz. Samsung will keep on making the EV67, with speeds of up to 730 MHz.
    Alpha's processors are the most rapid in this moment, so much in the work with points as in floating comma, and the support that Linux offers for this processor turns them into the best alternative to have a stable and rapid operating system of 64 bits, where the yield is a critical factor.

More information in:
Samsung fights for Alpha EV7


5/24/2000: The Intel new thing: an awaited Xeon, Pentium III to 933 MHz and badges prototypes i815

    Although in the last times it has not very been lucky, Intel does not stop being the number 1 of the industry, and he likes demonstrating it occasionally. In this occasion it has presented the very awaited Pentium III Xeon to 700 MHz (for servants) and has not defrauded by no means.
    The new model of the Xeon has neither more nor less than 1 ó 2 MB of cache memory L2 integrated, at the speed of the mike. Made with 0,18 micron s technology , it goes so far as to have up to 140 million transistors (the majority they are of the cache memory, eye), and his relatively accessible cost for 1.177 and 1.980 dollars, respectively, has put about to extinction the anticuadísimos and the most expensive Xeon to 550 MHz.
    Also Pentium III has presented before himself to 933 MHz, one of the mikes "forgotten" by Intel in his emulation to reach the GHz... although it was something later that AMD. It is free so much in format Slot 1 as FC-PGA, his yield is very high and it does not seem to be so unstable so much like the "prototype" to 1 GHz.
    On the other hand, there begin arising in Internet the first tests and specifications of the future chipset Intel "for all the publics", i815. This chipset bases in i810, for what a graphic checker integrates, but yes it admits groove AGP, in addition to using memory SDRAM (PC100/PC133) without the problems of yield and stability of i820.
    The version i815E even supports the transference way for hard disks UltraATA-100, although this for the time being does not seem useful, since any disc of the market manages to put in predicaments the quite recent one UltraATA-66...

More information in:"l


5/22/2000: Intel will change the badges CC820 defective... in one month

    Intel begins giving some concrete information on how and when 820 and memory SDRAM will produce to itself the change of the basic badges CC820 with chipset for badges VC820 with memory RDRAM. In the paragraph of his web site on this topic ( information exists even in Spanish, although unfortunately slightly less updated than on the page in English.
    The offer consists of the refund of the full money, or to change the badge CC820 into a badge VC820 with 128 MB of memory RDRAM, a change at first quite profitably, but with 2 problems: first, that the memory RDRAM will be of the type PC700 or PC800 "depending on the availability" (the PC800 is perceptibly better), and on the other hand that this change will begin being a cash from the week of June 19.
    Other problems of practical nature exist also: the RDRAM offers better yield, but it is much more expensive; will Intel finance the future memory enlargement to us? And if we already have more than 128 MB? And especially: indeed are the sellers going to apply these measurements, or they will try not to become responsible for the topic?

More information in:
Intel withdraws almost 1 million basic badges with chipset 820


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