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Week from 29-5-2000 to 4-6-2000  

6/3/2000: New chipset ROUTE with integrated graphic controler

    With an increasing market share every day, the Taiwanese manufacturer ROUTE has announced a new chipset for mikes Pentium III, Celeron or Cyrix III that, from the acquaintance Apollo Pro133A, there integrates a graphic checker based on the acquaintances chips S3 Savage 4 and Savage 2000.
    The new chipset names a ROUTE ProSavage PM133 and it is the first product consequence of the joint venture formed last year by ROUTE and the company S3. The graphic characteristics of the chipset seem adapted for managerial or domestic teams, although the most important thing is that optionally it can use graphic cards AGP, what gives him a potential of growth very superior to that of the Intel 810E (with integrated graphic checker, but without AGP) and it faces him straight with future Intel 815 (with graphic checker and AGP).

More information in:


6/2/2000: This time seems that it goes seriously: to the sale the Voodoo 5

    One week after the umpteenth postponement of his moves scale of graphic cards, 3dfx he has announced that it will resume the mailing of cards Voodoo 5 5500 AGP to the distributors; one hopes that the cards should come to the shops about June 9.
    As he says 3dfx, seen with hindsight it seems that perhaps they have been too cautious because the problem was not seeming to be such... although it is not easy to say, since does not materialize exáctamente which age. Anyway, it seems that finally this esperadísima graphic card is here, we will see if it can do something of shade to him to nVidia; more it costs them, if they want to continue in the business.

More information in:
Incredible: again the Voodoo 5 is late !


5/31/2000: Finally, an electronic device will use the Crusoe

    The manufacturer of computers North American Gateway has announced that it will use the microprocessors Crusoe of the company Transmeta in the new devices for navigation for Internet that makes for America OnLine (AOL).
    These devices for Internet (Internet appliances) are much simpler in his configuration, use and maintenance that PCs, and consequently much more economic and with major market; the idea consists in achieving that any person could handle them, without need for any computer knowledge.
    The election of the microprocessors Crusoe, which work under a modified version of the operating system Linux, owes at his low price and especially to his most scarce consumption, which allows them to work with batteries for hours without need for fans.
    Despite being much praised by the specialists, the microprocessors Crusoe did not seem to find market and many people were already putting in the sack of the "vaporware", that is to say, those devices that despite the sense of expectancy created never come to anything in practice. It seems that it will not be like that... at least for the time being.

More information in:,4586,2578486,00.html
A revolution in march: the microprocessor Crusoe


5/29/2000: Intel confirms it: one waits for a serious components scarcity

    We can already give it for "insurance" (inside how insecure this market is): the very same Craig Barrett, president of Intel, has joined the fortune-tellers who see a severe scarcity of electronic components of all kinds from the third trimester of this year, and perhaps until 2002.
    And of all the elements of the computer, the whole world seems to agree in that the most affected will be the memory RAM, whose price might be supported without changes during a pair of years... or even rise, what probably there will depend more of the speculation and the fear than of the real scarcity, as it usually happens.
    Our advice? Invest in manufacturers' actions of memory, or at least do not remain scarce at the time of buying a computer, he might repent...

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New increases of the price of the memory?


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