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Week of 5-6-2000 11-6-2000  

6/10/2000: Renewed Cyrix III presents before himself

    ... Although in fact it is not a Cyrix III. We explain ourselves: ROUTE bought the company Cyrix (with his processors MII as "stars") as also he bought Centaur, manufacturer of the Winchip; new Cyrix III is in fact the following generation of Winchip. The new processor works at speeds from 533 to 667 MHz and his consumption is one of the minors of the market.
    The most curious note is that the processor will be mounted in the same sockets as the economic Celeron (Socket 370), giving support of the instructions 3DNow! you would cause of AMD to this platform Intel (outsider mixes). It possesses a cache memory L1 of 128KB and works with a system bus of 100 133 MHz.
    Finally, to say that it has been made by 0.18 microns technology, what joined the design of the Winchip does that only it consumes approximately 10 W, a number that something perfect would allow him to work even without fan... for portable.

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6/5/2000: AMD throws Athlon Thunderbird and the Duron

    The new version of the Athlon, which is already made of the new AMD factory in Dresden (Germany), incorporates 256 KB of cache memory L2 integrated to the mike and at the same speed as this one, in the style of current Pentium III Coppermine. For the time being there is supported the speed of bus of 200 MHz of the previous Athlon, although soon it will increase to 266 MHz.
    This integration of the cache memory will favor the yield in most of the applications, in addition to making unnecessary integrating the mike in the shape of cartridge ("Slot A"); AMD has made use of this to throw a new format type socket that there names "Socket A". More economic than the Slot A, in a next future all the mikes Athlon will use it.
    Also, he has announced to himself the beginning of the manufacture of the new economic mike of AMD, the Duron, which is made only of format Socket A; it includes the same 128 KB of cache memory L1 as the Athlon and also 64 KB of cache memory L2, quantity that seems quite small but that is compensated for working at the same speed as the mike.
    New Athlon Thunderbird is made of 750, 800, 850, 900, 950 MHz speeds and 1GHz, with prices between 319 $ and 990 $, while the Duron reach 600, 650 and 700 MHz, with prices of only 112 $, 154$ and 192 $.

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The AMD Spitfire will be called Duron


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