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Week of 10-6-2001 17-6-2001  

His publicity in CsH

6/17/2001: Not only ROUTE supports the FireWire: ATI also

    The well-known Canadian company specializing in graphic hardware is ready to offer to our computers the possibility of connection that offers the connection FireWire (IEEE 1394 or iLink) still before it turns into a standard admitted by all (something that perhaps happens sooner or later, to the detriment of the USB 2.0 sponsored by Intel).
    ATI has extracted to the market a card PCI called DV WONDER, where DV comes for that thing about Digital Video, since until now FireWire is being used principally for the connection with digital video cameras. And this is precisely one of the strong points of the Macintosh opposite to the PCs, the facility of connection with the digital video cameras. From now on it will be equal of simple in both worlds... and, as says ATI, really accessible: approximately 49 $.
    Very little money, since in addition to the proper card with 3 ports FireWire, also it includes the well-known software of edition VideoStudio 5.0, of Ulead Systems, as well as a cable for the connection with the digital camera. Of course, also we will be able to connect any other device FireWire that we wish, like hard disks, escáners, digital cameras... quite with a transference valuation of up to 400 Mbits/s (50 MBytes/s).

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News written for: Miquel Tarazona


Buy memory RAM of quality!!
Memory SDRAM PC133 of quality? In Crucial, undoubtedly

6/17/2001: Problems with the size of the office? Matrox to the rescue

    Matrox presents his graphic card G200 MM (Multi Monitor Series) Quad Graphics, with the small innovation of offering support for neither more nor less than 4 screens, simultaneous and independent. For the occasion they will realize this next Tuesday a presentation with 4 flat screens digitalises made by NEC-Mitsubishi, in an exhibition of the SIA (association of safety industries) in New York.
    The most interesting of this card is not by no means his speed in 3D (to this regard it would leave much that to wish), but thanks to his up to 4 chips G200 he can support up to four digital exits, or four analogical exits for the monitors "of the whole life", or a combination of both. And it is even offered optionally with sintonizadora of TV for visualization and captures of video, quite with the big proper visual quality of the products Matrox.
    Also, it is available in format PCI, with what the possibilities multimonitor go off: up to 16 monitors using 4 cards. And an excellent set of programs software to make use of these capacities, in addition to drivers for the principal operating systems (including Linux and Windows 2000). Finally, the whole jewel for those who need big visualization space: architects, graphic designers, stock-exchange operators...

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News written for: Miquel Tarazona


His publicity in CsH

6/14/2001: Transmeta will come soon to the GHz with his new Crusoe

    As The Register gathers, Transmeta will throw two new processors Crusoe about June 26. In particular, there will be the models TM5500 and TM5800; the last one might go out to the market with an initial speed of 1 GHz. Both models are made of 0,13 microns technology, reducing for this motive the size of the same ones from 88 mm2 current up to 55 mm2.
    The electrical consumption of these processors, undoubtedly one of his strong points, diminishes the same way from 1,1V - 1,6V even only 0,9V - 1,3V. The model TM5500 will take 256 cache memory KB level 2 (L2) and the TM5800 will have neither more nor less than 512 KB of cache memory L2 (the double that the current Athlon, Pentium III and Pentium 4).
    Him his aptitude to "learn" joins the most scarce consumption of these microprocessors: for his special design many functions are done by software (code morphing), so that he needs to adapt himself after executing a function for the first time, but the following times that he her executes it will do it up to 30 % more rapid. Also, Transmeta updates this software regularly to improve the speed of the mike and his consumption: the new version is capable of making him save between 2 and 40 % additional of energy. Not everybody can say the same....

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News written for: Ignacio Jiménez of the Ship


6/13/2001: USB 2.0 or Firewire? ROUTE feeds the polemic

    From a beginning it was surprised that Microsoft Windows XP was deciding not to give native support to the USB 2.0 in his next system (eXPerience). Nevertheless, later he declared that it would include a later patch as ServicePack to give him support. Be as it is, his absence of interest is clear on this matter, and his unequivocal intention of supporting in his place to the standard Firewire (IEEE 1394).
    Another "giant" who made already very clear from the beginning that the Firewire was supporting has been Apple: all his PowerPC G4 and other models bring it from series. For saying, even the almighty Sony supports the Firewire, although they it name iLink... the truth the fact is that they have always been "very his".
    Now we meet a few declarations of the president of ROUTE where he invites other manufacturers to "to finish with this (the USB 2.0), because it would be the best thing for all of us". Nevertheless, it tints that ROUTE is doing a small effort to give support to the USB 2.0, only just in case; we go, that he does not lack practical sense either.
    If it cost (and it is still difficult) to move to the users of the port series and the port parallel to the USB 1.x, more it will be difficult to move them to an option of major speed, which also is not clear if it will be the USB 2.0 (beginner but supported by Intel) or Firewire (already quite established). Technically both are adapted (slightly better Firewire), although if we remember cases as the VHS/Beta we know that not always the industry adopts the best technical solution. Be as it is, it seems that our futures escáners, printers, hard disks, digital cameras... still do not have insured port. Very bad matter, the truth.

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News written for: Ignacio Jiménez of the Ship


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