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Week from 12-6-2000 to 18-6-2000  

6/17/2000: An agreement on rights between Toshiba and Rambus will be able to affect to the whole industry

    The principal memory manufacturers and components of computer of the world are analyzing the possible consequences that a recent extrajudicial agreement might have as which Toshiba recognizes the intellectual property on the part of Rambus of one of the fundamental parts of the interface of synchronous memory more used in the current memoirs.
    Up to the date, Rambus had supported conversations with numerous companies, in more or less belligerent tone, claiming the payment for the supposed use of some of his patents. The agreement with Toshiba turns out to be certainly worrying, since it would favor very much the Rambus position in possible judgments for this question.
    Rambus might gain in the next years thousands of millions in royalties for this concept, what would be translated in an increase of the price of the memory, something that was still already predicted before this news was known...

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6/15/2000: Microsoft throws Windows CE 3.0

    There is already here the new version of the operating system of Microsoft for portable minicomputers (super electronic agendas or handheld PCs) and other devices like mobile phones or devices to sail along Internet.
    It includes numerous innovations, especially in the graphic paragraph and in the communications (better modems support, of Internet and infrared). Other progress centers on the support of drivers (USB, PCMCIA, Smart Cards...), nucleus of the system, safety...
    He announces a more limited price to himself and the acquaintances
Palm they give facility to the programmers of applications, essential points to be able to compete with the almost standard one of this market.

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6/14/2000: HP and Intel throw the IA-64 Developer Kit for Linux

    More and more people sign up to the fashionable operating system; to obtain the biggest support of user's applications for the new processor of 64 bits Intel Itanium, both companies throw the development software for platform Linux.
    The IA-64 DK, which of course is free and can unburden itself from or, allows to the programmers to develop, try, correct and execute applications IA-64 destined to the environment Linux.
    This DK is characterized for including a simulator entrusted to emulate in the current processors IA-32 (like for example Pentium III) the functionality of a finished system IA-64 covering Linux. Also it contains the necessary papers and the bookstores proposed by Intel.
    ... Every time 64 bits are closer.

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6/12/2000: IBM presents his new portable ones

    New IBM ThinkPad A tienen like principal characteristic (leaving the separate price, of course) his connectivity. The characteristics of the new portable ones of IBM include, between other things, CDROM reader of even 24X or DVD-ROM, bay of Modular connection Ultrabay to connect peripheral, 16 MB of memory of video, light in the keyboard, ports RJ-11 and RJ-45 (modem and network ethernet), processors Pentium III for portable at 700 MHz speeds (or Celeron for portable to 500 MHz) with technology SpeedStep, 64 MB of extendable RAM to 512 MB, screen TFT of: 15 INCHES!! and an Ión-Litio battery with a duration of more than 4 hours.
    All this weighs, in the most advanced configuration, only 3,1 Kg; and of course, IBM gives guarantee of up to 3 years in his products. Finally, a portable computer of daydream that probably we never have in our knees...

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