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Week from 18-6-2001 to 24-6-2001  

6/24/2001: Seagate presents his hard disks USB

    One of other manufacturers Californian of hard disks, it has thrown to the market his hard disks offer with connection USB 1.1, with big possibilities of connection and portability, in addition to turning out to be a really interesting option for the users of portable computers.
    The presented hard disks have capacities of 20 GB or 40 GB, according to model, and include programs for protection of information (Datakeeper) and management of digital means (ACDSee). Also, the secondhand technology is the same that on the conventional Seagate hard disks, what assures a big quality in the product.
    The models are the DiskStor 20 with an approximate price of 269 $ (approximately 52.000 pesetas), and the DiskStor 40, which will have a price of 349 $ (approximately 68.000 pesetas). Both are provided with a valuation of supported transference of approximately 12 Mbits/s (attention! that be only 1,5 MB per second, because USB 1.1 go a long way more, for that be FireWire and USB 2.0). Also, they include 2 years of guarantee. The drivers support is only for operating systems of Microsoft, at least for the time being.

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Maxtor reaches the 80 GB on a hard disk IDE

News written for: Miquel Tarazona


His publicity in CsH

6/24/2001: Maxtor throws the hard disk the biggest IDE of the world

    The well-known hard disks manufacturer, leader of the market in manufacture capacity from his merger with Quantum, has presented in society the last monstruito of the massive storage (and we mean massively).
    The renewal of the family DiamondMax, which works at speeds of 5.400 rpm, has had as a result the presentation of the last model DiamondMax 536DX, with a capacity of neither more nor less than 100 GB, the biggest between the current discs IDE (sufficient to store approximately 25.000 files MP3 of 4 minutes each one, according to Maxtor).
    The family DiamondMax, in spite of working to only 5.400 rpm, counts with caraceterísticas interesting like interface Ultra ATA/100, 2 MB of buffer and capacities from the 20 GB up to the 100 GB, in addition to an accessible price.
    Finally, a product faced more to the quantity than to the yield. Let's hope to be able to have soon hard disks with this capacity working to 7.200 rpm... and more economic than the SCSI, skylight.

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News written for: Miquel Tarazona


His publicity in CsH

6/22/2001: GameBoy Advance of Nintendo already to the sale

    The piece of news is already available in the shops vídeoconsola of pocket of Nintendo, GameBoy Advance. The technological jump with regard to his antecesora, GameBoy Color, has been considerable: it incorporates a processor ARM of 32 bits into integrated cache memory, opposite to the scarce 8 bits of GameBoy Color.
    One of the aspects that more have taken care, undoubtedly, has been the screen of the console. It is a question of a reflecting screen 2,9 inches TFT with a resolution of 240x160. The colors palette is 32.768, reaching 511 simultaneous colors for sprite and 32.768 colors in bitmap. GameBoy Color was only capable of showing 56 simultaneous colors.
    The loudspeaker sound is monoaural, although stereo has earphones exit. By means of a communications cable it is possible to connect it to another 3 consoles. According to Nintendo the battery (two alkaline batteries AA) lasts 15 hours, 5 more than in GameBoy Color. GameBoy Advance weighs (without batteries?) I half-close to the 140 gm (almost like a Nokia 3210).
    It is compatible with the games of the GameBoy and GameBoy Color, and Nintendo affirms that it will be possible to play with the control of the future console GAMECUBE. Also they think of developing compatible games for both consoles, although this at first is a project. The estimated price of the GBA places environment to 20.000 ptas.
    Well, already he knows. If it belongs to through those that he cannot live without playing, this perhaps is his option, at least technically there is nothing seemed at present. Although from here a servant wanted to attract attention to that there are many girls round there needed from fondness, and to make use of the summer in playing the GameBoy is something... let's say limited.
    (PD: it is not a comment with intentions male chauvinists, eye; and the reality is that immense most of users of consoles are males, sometimes much creciditos...)

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News written for: Ignacio Jiménez of the Ship


Crucial DDR US
Memory DDR-SDRAM? In Crucial it will find it

6/21/2001: Bill Gates, a man convinced in doing to us happy

    The masters of CNET have had the occasion to do an interview to the president of Microsoft, William Henry Gates III (known mundanely like Bill). Some of his opinions have seemed quite curious to us and you deign themselves of occupying these lines. Although skylight, there are so many opinions as colors...
    On the criticism of monopoly that periodically glide on Microsoft, mister Gates clarifies: "Our clients want that we do a richer and richer and trustworthy (...) Windows If we could not add new characteristics: what would be of Windows?". An opinion that confirms the design of Windows XP, as we will see soon.
    On the open code of the programs he thinks: "We do not have any objection that others publish the code. We also do it, under certain conditions". Further on it even tints: "I do not know if someone one day someone has been interested by the code of Word. If someone was doing it, we would give it to him"; it looks like more a lantern than a órdago...
    Each and everyone of the products of Microsoft are of payment (those that you create that they it are already not has paid - or not - with the MS license Windows). On this matter mister Gates thinks that: "we believe that there must be free software and of payment". Will the free one mean that they do the software of payment and others?
    The interview treats about other interest questions; I hope Windows will reflect the undoubted gift of word of this man. If you do not tremble with these phrases of mister Gates, read the complete interview. Certainly, if some of Gates's phrases "they do not square him", perhaps must check his English...: or will it be for another cause?

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News written for: Ignacio Jiménez of the Ship


His publicity in CsH

6/20/2001: Matrox announces a new chip, the G550

    Matrox has just announced officially the throwing of his new graphic chip G550. It is made of 0,18 microns technology and possesses an internal bus of 256 bits and "only two units of renderizado, but capable of applying 2 textures for clock cycle. Likewise, he supports memory DDR-SDRAM, but only of 64 bits, and AGP 4X.
    His principal RAMDAC works to 360 MHz (impressive number), for resolutions up to 2048x1536, with 230 MHz other for the second monitor to even 1600x1200. It presents all the accelerations for hardware necessary for DVD reproduction, and as the G450 possesses the technology DualHead for multiple screens.
    The G550 is compatible with OpenGL and with piece of news Microsoft DirectX 8, although it does not use all the innovations of this API, but yes he supports new functions as Vertex Shader. His engine, so called HeadCasting, incorporates the new and only function of vídeoconferencia that allows to accelerate the images of our face (even with modems of 56 K) and to synchronize the movement of our lips with the sound (at digital, clear level, to our physical body it does not affect him).
    His drivers are optimized for processors of Intel and AMD and are compatible with all the versions of Windows, including Windows XP both in his version Home and in the Professional. The cards based on this chip will be about the 125 - 150 $.
    The most finished graphic card at all the levels, excepting that does not support memory DDR-SDRAM with a bus of 128 bits and that has no support of T&L as hardware. Also it is necessary to be conscious of that very little games use by no means T&L and of that both characteristics would praise and would delay the product of a considerable way. In expectation of the first results in 3D, at least it is possible to be said that it has left a good impression...

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News written for: Ignacio Jiménez of the Ship


Buy memory RAM of quality!!
Memory SDRAM PC133 of quality? In Crucial, undoubtedly

6/19/2001: 2001: Annus Horribilis of the industry of computers?

    All the analysts confirm that the mythical year 2001 immortalized in the movies by Cubrick will be one of the worst of the computers industry. This way, according to information of the counsel IC Insights Inc gathered by EBN, the business of the chips will suffer a fall between 15 % and 28 % with regard to the numbers of 2000.
    The same opinion has the General manager of Elpida, one of the principal manufacturers of memory, informed jointly by Hitachi and NEC. In an interview to the Japanese newspaper Nikkei Microdevices he has declared that "The demand [of memory] in 2001 will be the minor of the history" (of the history of last decades, we suppose); and he must know what he says. The memoirs manufacture is not a good business for any more than 6 months: in many cases the prices do not go so far as to cover costs, but have the idle factories goes out even more expensive...
    The field of the microprocessors is not better: both Intel and AMD try to interfere on the servants' market and workstations, to raise a little the average price of his microprocessors, ridiculously down because of his it continues struggle on the domestic market (and soon in of portable); to sell more that the competition does not serve as anything if money gets lost.
    The positive part for the users is that the PCs have never had a better relation price - yield; perhaps be worth making use of the moment, because the sales forecasts for the third and fourth trimester are of certain progress, although not exaggerated. Almost better, because if this continues this way only they will survive the strongest, and that is not beneficial either; they does the term "pooling" sound?

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News written for: Juan Herrerías


6/18/2001: The GeForce2 Quadro has already drivers for Itanium

    NVIDIA has just confirmed officially that his family of graphic cards Quadro2 destined for workstations already has drivers optimized for the processor Itanium of 64 bits of Intel. The family Quadro2 takes a processor GeForce2 optimized for the use of programs 3D professionals like 3DStudioMax.
    The optimizations are based principally on the use of the addressing of 64 bits, the ideal use of the new unit of floating comma (the FPU essential in all the mathematical calculations) and the use of the architecture EPIC in what it refers to the execution of the instructions. Of course, not only there have been optimized the generic drivers UDA (Unified Driver Architecture), which reduce the maintenance costs on having served for all the cards NVIDIA, also there it have been the specifics for the programs 3DStudioMax, AutoCAD and MCAD 3D.
    It is unthinkable for a domestic user to buy an Intel Itanium of 64 bits with a NVIDIA Quadro2, since both are destined exclusively to servants and workstations, although NVIDIA might cheer up to bring over to the domestic user his experience in this field, with the same speed. Unfortunately there are always classes...

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News written for: Ignacio Jiménez of the Ship and Miquel Tarazona


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