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Week from 2-7-2001 to 8-7-2001  

His publicity in CsH

7/8/2001: Intel publishes a draft of the specifications of the AGP 3.0

    Intel has announced the first specifications of the AGP 3.0, more known like AGP 8x. The AGP (Accelerated Graphics Port) is already a standard inside the world of the cards 3D. At present almost the totality they are made under this port, and his evolution obeys a major demand of the applications and of the potency of the future cards on having increased the band.
    The AGP 3.0 presents two speeds, 8x and 4x, with a band of up to 2 GB / century Asímismo, keeps on being compatible with the connectors of 1,5 V presents in the graphic cards AGP 2.0 4x, but this new review reduces the voltage of the sign from the 1,5 V of the AGP 2.0 up to 0,8 V. It will use most of previous ways of the AGP 2.0, without limiting itself to Fast Write as it happens with the AGP 4x, together with diverse added characteristics.
    It is still very quickly to extract the first impressions, but of what is not doubt the fact is that good-looking Intel for this new "evolution" of the AGP, that in any case one does not hope that it is "revolutionary". If it is interested in knowing more technical details, in the linkage one will be able to unload the specifications of the AGP 3.0 in format Acrobat Reader.

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News written for: Ignacio Jiménez of the Ship


7/2/2001: Farewell to (better?) processor of 64 bits of the history: Intel buys Alpha

    Compaq, until a few days ago possessor of the technology of the processor Alpha, has decided to sell it not any more not less than to Intel. Nevertheless, the agreement does not come down only to the technology of Alpha: Compaq has committed himself in that his next generation of professional servants will be completely based on the technology Itanium de Intel (the IA-64). It seems that the incapability of Compaq to support a competitive price for his mike might have a lot to do with the agreement.
    In principle, the generation EV7 of processors Alpha yes who will see the light, as well as servants based on technology MIPS, to open way in the year 2004 for a family completely based on Itanium. As for operating systems, the current ones Tru64 UNIX, OpenVMS and NonStop Kernel, which run under Alpha, will be carried to Itanium.
    Another interest point is in the intellectual property almost completely transferred to Intel; and not only they are interested in the hardware, also his inventors (who have made the best processor until now according to Job will be offered in Intel to big part of the engineers, while few ones will continue finishing the EV7 and others will flee to other companies as AMD and Sparc. As for the project of Alpha EV8, perhaps it has influenced the decision of Intel, since it seems that the parallelism designed by the engineers of Alpha is better that that of the designs of Intel.
    Between many heredities of Alpha we have left the bus EV6, a technology used by AMD in his Athlon, guilty to a great extent of the excellent yield of this processor; curiously, Alpha was in turn one of the first ones in using the HyperTransport developed by AMD... In any case, the Compaq clients (and of Digitalis previously) it seems that they are not so satisfied by the change how it two companies are, since he will suppose a strong investment to adapt itself to the change.
    Of a pen stroke (or billetazo, as it looks), Intel has eliminated a big part of the competence in his Itanium now limited to imminent UltraSPARC V of Sun, to the multiple technologies of 64 bits of HP and IBM (so in favor of his mikes as of the Itanium), and to future Hammer of AMD. Finally, to point out that certain rumors point to that AMD has license during a time to be able to make Alpha, but the above mentioned it is not sure at all.

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News written for: Miquel Tarazona


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