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Week from 3-7-2000 to 9-7-2000  

7/7/2000: ROUTE will have to indemnify Intel

    The litigation that Intel and ROUTE were supporting from 1999 with regard to the manufacture on the part of the last one of chipsets that they support processors Intel has been solved finally. Route will have to indemnify the Californian company, and also he will have to pay certain royaltis corresponding to the rights of intellectual property.
    For his part, Intel will modify the license of 1998 allowing to ROUTE to make certain chipsets for processors Intel, which include current technologies; precisely the widespread opinion is that the litigation arose for there included ROUTE in his chipsets support of the memory PC133, competitor of the Rambus sponsored by Intel.
    Nevertheless, the litigation on chipsets for processors not Intel remains opened, since the agreement does not include Cyrix III of ROUTE, which also uses the bus Intel P6...

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7/5/2000: The first videocards GeForce2 MX

    The biggest manufacturers of graphic cards of the world are hurrying up in adopting the new NVIDIA chip in his scale of graphic cards, like answer to his interesting characteristics, to the big series of praises that is receiving from all the hardware analysts and at his low price.
    The card of the manufacturer ELSA will be named GLADIAC MX; ELSA will include 32 MB of memory, support for the stereoscopic glasses 3D REVELATOR, DVD breeding animal for software and diverse programs. The Hércules-Guillemot offer, her 3D Prophet II MX, will be free on July 10 at a recommended price for 150 dollars, or 200 dollars in the version with exit for two monitors.
    Bearing in mind that the yield of these cards is equal or superior to that of a GeForce256 SDR and that it is a question of the throwing price, it seems that in September finally we will have a chip of the highest yield for (almost) all the publics. While, we wait for news of Creative, ASUS...

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7/3/2000: AMD presents his technology PowerNow! for portable

    AMD presents his new portable processors K6-2 + working to 550 and 533 MHz. These processors are characterized for including the technology PowerNow! that allows to lengthen the duration of the batteries of the portable ones.
    This technology is a progress of the previous one and it allows an automatic and dynamic adjustment of the speed (MHz) and I consume (voltage) of the processor, in real-time. Enough mikes of his competition keep on needing a manual selection of these parameters (we will choose speed or under consumption).
    The processors are made by 0,18 microns technology, consume only 3 W in way of saving of battery and have 128 KB of cache memory L2 integrated. They need a specific BIOS that is already free in some of the new portable ones with this processor (HP, Compaq, Fujitsu, NEC...).
    With the AMD technology we will have 3 functioning ways:
- High yield.
- Way of saving of battery.
- Automatic way, that there will fit dinámicamente the frequency and consumption of the processor to obtain an ideal yield with the minor consumption.
    Transmeta, Intel and AMD, all pointing at the target of a minor consumption... The portable market is not calm, undoubtedly.

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