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Week of 10-7-2000 16-7-2000  

7/15/2000: IBM presents his discs ATA/100

    IBM with his Deskstar is one of the manufacturers first in having technology ATA/100 for his hard disks, what theoretically (hardly in practice) would allow them to achieve transferences of up to 100 Mb / century
    His new hard disks have a capacity from 20 to 40 GB at a speed of 5400 rpm or of 15 to 75GB to 7200 rpm. They are designed to produce the minimal possible noise, in addition to reducing the consumption and providing an ideal protection from the blows.

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7/15/2000: The first badges of ABIT and ASUS for Socket A

    Although until September one does not wait for a significant presence in the shops of teams based on the new processors of AMD Duron and Athlon Thunderbird for socket Socket A, the manufacturers of basic badges already begin presenting his offers for these mikes. This group of badges uses the chipset ROUTE KT133, which gives them support of the last technologies: AGP 4X, 133 MHz SDRAM and advanced administration of energy.
    The new motherboard KT7 of ABIT counts with 3 grooves DIMM that he supports even 1,5 GB of RAM, and as his antecesora for Slot A (the KA7 already analyzed in Conozca his Hardware) does not count with integrated sound not slot AMR (who needs them?), but yes with 6 grooves PCI, 1 groove ISA and up to 4 ports USB.
    New characteristics for the dissipation of heat and the electrical consumption, and especially the SoftMenuIII, do of this motherboard the whole sleep for the overclockers. Neither more nor less than 84 available speeds of bus (from 100 to 183 MHz), in addition to there allows to change the multiplier of the CPU (although AMD warns that this possibility will be withdrawn from his CPUs inside very little).
    For his part, the ASUS A7V has between his strong points the possibility of supporting up to 7 ports USB, in addition to a checker IDE UDMA/100 optionally and adjustment of bus of MHz in MHz (curiously, these two characteristics are typical of the badges ABIT, more than of the ASUS).

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7/13/2000: A new Linux from Japan

    Neither more nor less than 21 of the most important Japanese manufacturers of hardware and software, including to Toshiba, Sony, NEC and Fujitsu, they have announced his intention of developing a new operating system for electronic devices based on Linux.
    The target is to standardize the platform on which there work such devices like mobile phones or "PCs of pocket", since at present they are used up to 70 different operating systems (between them the Windows CE of Microsoft). The advantage of choosing Linux would be in his proven reliability, his high portability to different architectures and of course in the fact of being a free system and personalizable.

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7/12/2000: The memory manufacturers counter-attack Rambus

    It seems that the principal memoirs manufacturers on a global scale are studying to denounce Rambus before the Federal Commission of American Commerce (the FTC) for supposed monopolistic practices.
    This denunciation would try to paralyze the claim on the part of Rambus on the intellectual property of some of the most important patents necessary for the manufacture of synchronous memoirs and DDR, a matter in which other signatures as Toshiba and Hitachi have preferred to pay the high royalties that Rambus requests before continuing with the litigations.
    The news jumps to the press just a few days after the surprising discovery of which according to the information of the proper Intel, earlier advocate at any cost of the memory Rambus, the chipset 815 with memory SDRAM PC133 is superior to 820 with memory Rambus in 11 of 14 tests that are in his web site...

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