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Week of 8-1-2001 14-1-2001  

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1/14/2001: The manufacturers of graphic cards, to the assault of the market Apple

    The world Apple is in full surf of the celebration of traditional MacWorld Expo, which it finished on January 12. After the disappearance of 3dfx, the only graphic company that had tried to make a hollow to itself on a market traditionally dominated by ATI, other manufacturers have begun presenting products destined for the new models of Apple.
    First of all, NVIDIA will provide to the new ones G4 his powerful graphic chip GeForce2 MX in specific cards made by Apple, which will be provided with 32 MB of RAM and will be the silence option in the new Apple machines; but the competition does not resign itself...
    Matrox offers his chip Matrox G400 to the Macintosh users across the company ProMax, with what the users of these machines will have access to the capacities DualHead of the chip of Matrox, allowing the use of two monitors without having to acquire a graphic card additional PCI, but only with new DH-MAX. But the classic Apple provider was not going to remain calm...
    ...ATI announces that it will provide the graphic chips for Titanium PowerBook G4, by means of his 8 MB Rage Mobility , as well as that his chips Rage 128 and the powerful RADEON will be able to be in the PowerMac G4 (in the low models it is still of series the Rage 128 Pro). Also it will keep on mounting his Rage 128 in the computer of consumption of Apple, the iMac.

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News written for: Miquel Tarazona


1/13/2001: Avalanche of innovations Apple in hardware and software

    The company of the apple seems to have begun the new millenium with energies and renewed illusions. First of all it has been presented updated models of Power Mac G4, with CDs retape recorder "of series" and new processors of up to 733 MHz, at 3 cache memory levels (up to 57 % more rapid than the Pentium 4 to 1,5 GHz, according to Apple), or in dual configuration to 533 MHz, and with a new system bus to 133 MHz. But the most important innovation is the inclusion of a model with: DVDs engraver!!! (also compatible with CDs reescribibles), allowing to the users the creation of movies DVD, thanks to the connection FireWire for digital devices (digital video cameras) and the inclusion of the software Apple for video edition iMovie, iDVD and iTunes for the creation of CDs (both of audio and of information).
    The second innovation is the new portable Titanium PowerBook G4, which, as its own name indicates, it is constructed in titanium (the plastic ones were finished). Also, DVDs breeding animal integrates in format slot-in, what allows to visualize movies on his screen of 15,2 " in panoramic format, with a resolution of even 1152x768 píxels. As for the processor, it integrates a PowerPC G4 working to the not despicable at all number (in case of the PowerPC) 500 MHz, with the bus to only 100 MHz but with 1 MB of cache memory of the second level. So that our readership does an idea to themselves, the new portable one is capable of overcoming in 30 % the yield of a portable one with Pentium III 850 MHz (again, according to Apple). Of course, it is provided with a wide fan of possibilities of interconnection with all kinds of devices (USB, FireWire, Ethernet, Infrared, VGA.) and up to 5 hours of autonomy.
    And to finish this one monographic on Apple, already the most awaited date is official: the throwing of MacOS X will be March 24. A big number of developers has already confirmed the applications throwing for this new operating system of Apple, between which there is necessary to stand out Mayan of Alias|Wavefront, one of the applications of design more laureates, Microsoft Office (the suite the most popular office computerization of the market), or new versions of programs of Macroaverage and Adobe like Dreamweaver or Photoshop.

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News written for: Miquel Tarazona


1/12/2001: Rambus gains money...: by means of threats?

    Rambus is a news again, this time for the announcement of his excellent results of the last trimester: 34,7 million dollars... of which 26,8 million dollars, 77 % of the income of Rambus, come from the royalties payment. And only one small part of them talks each other of royalties for the use of his memory RDRAM (Rambus-DRAM), while a big percentage they are for the use of memoirs SDRAM and DDR-SDRAM, on which Rambus supports a few patents much discussed by wide sectors of the industry.
    Between these "unyielding" with which Rambus supports judgments in diverse countries there are manufacturers of the size of Micron, Infineon and Hyundai. And there go to them the threats - hardly they can be qualified like another thing - of Gary Harmon, of Rambus, who points out that "they will have to pay to us royalties even 10 times more raised of the habitual thing, and if they lose we might not grant the licenses to them".
    The question if Rambus is the intellectual proprietress on behalf of the interfaces of these memoirs, or if they developed like open standards of the
JEDEC, it is of an enormous importance since more than 99 % of the computers that they sell at present uses the technologies SDRAM or DDR-SDRAM, good as memory principal or related to other devices as graphic cards, sound cards, chipsets, disc buffers... and in all kinds of computers: mainframes, servants, of dessert, portable, PCs, Apple...
    Although the Rambus bet is risky: even although it should decide that he "invented" important parts of these memoirs, there might be considered to be a standard "de facto", between other reasons because Rambus did not proclaim his right assumptions for the long time. And if they lose, they might have to return A LOT OF money.

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News written for: Juan Herrerías


His publicity in CsH

1/11/2001: Blow of effect: I match of patents between Intel and ATI

    The Canadian ATI knows that it is necessary to take the things seriously. He has just signed an agreement with Intel for which Intel will gain access to certain ATI patents, while ATI will make chips graphs, probably chipsets with integrated video, for the basic badges that use the mikes of the American manufacturer. These chipsets with integrated video would be based on the technology ATI RADEON, with what apriori one waits for a high quality solution and yield.
    An agreement that favors both companies, especially to ATI, which after losing his exclusivity agreement with Apple (through the fault of NVIDIA) saw how his income for the sale of components OEM was going to diminish. With this agreement ATI probably it would obtain a few important and in need income, in addition to a new market where to compete, of chipsets (where also he wants to bring in NVIDIA...).
    The money does fortress and ATI knows it well: it is essential if he does not want to yield in the struggle for the throne of the chips 3D, that NVIDIA shows fully deservedly. The disappearance of 3dfx to NVIDIA hands has left an important hollow that to fill, with an important market share free for the one who is done by her, but for that money is needed. Powerful gentleman is a gift money...

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News written for: Ignacio Jiménez of the Ship


1/10/2001: Good times for AMD = more factories in his future

    AMD adds up and continues. Since we have seen recently, Intel with the introduction of his new Celeron with bus of: 100 MHz! (yes, he is not reading ancient news) it has not worried AMD, which with his model Duron dominates the yield on the domestic market (that not the sales, but it already will do it). The Pentiu m 4 has not also taken the sleep from the managers of AMD, who see in his Athlon quite a future platform.
    In this sense, AMD reckons to open a new factory where to produce his chips. At present it has in functioning two, in Austin (Texas) and Dresden (Germany). The new factory would use exclusively waffles of production of 300 mm chips , with a surface much major than the 200 mm current ones , what will allow him to increase the production greatly and reduce the costs.
    The new factory of AMD, so called Fab 35 (for 35 anniversary of the foundation of AMD), will have an approximate cost for 4 billion dollars ( $) and it would be ready for 2004. Without place to doubt, it is a question of other one of the good ideas to which it has used AMD to us; nevertheless, more than three years it is a lot of time, and more in the world of the chips...

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News written for: Ignacio Jiménez of the Ship


1/8/2001: AMD: Duron 850 and collaboration with Transmeta for 64 bits

    Although recently it should not have presented any innovation of both fame and the Pentium 4 of Intel, one cannot say that AMD should be on holiday not much less. Today it has presented the Duron to 850 MHz, which extends the AMD offer for the domestic segment and ofimático. Likewise, there have bent the prices of the rest of the scale Duron.
    The new Duron does not present significant changes in his design, anything logical if we bear in mind that it turns out to be much more advanced and rapid than his competition, Celeron de Intel (even despite the "new" bus of 100 MHz of the Celeron... which is still the half that the Duron). Also, the new integrated chipsets of ROUTE and SiS can improve the final price of the PCs based on the Duron.
    On the other hand, the collaboration seems already more than a rumor between AMD and Transmeta to develop the future mike of 64 bits of AMD (the Sledgehammer). Transmeta famous by his microprocessor Crusoe and for being provided between his associates with Linus Torvalds (the creator of Linux), would offer to AMD the use on behalf of the technology of emulation of hardware (code morphing) that the Crusoe uses.
    AMD might use this technology to accelerate the yield of the instructions x86 classic in the mike of 64 bits, and also Transmeta might be programming chips Crusoe that were behaving like the still nonexistent Sledgehammer (emulating them with many efficacy), something for that there would be grateful the developers of software of 64 bits. Intel should worry...

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News written for: Juan Herrerías


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