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Week of 23-7-2001 to 29-7-2001  

His publicity in CsH

7/27/2001: ATI and NVIDIA, "fans" of Apple

    ATI has announced THAT the availability of a special edition of his graphic card RADEON SEES destined the PowerMac G3 and G4. With 32 MB of memory DDR-SDRAM of 64 bits, it is optimized for the bookstores OpenGL and Apple Quicktime, as well as with well-known technologies of ATI like the HyperZ, and dual support for both analogical and digital monitors, as well as TV sets.
    ATI presents it like an ideal solution for the work, the productivity and the entertainment, with a competitive price. It is necessary to have the MacOS 9 or X for his installation, and his availability as Apple will be in September at a recommended price of 129 $.
    For his part, NVIDIA has confirmed that "finds his technology TwinView available" for the G4 of Apple, allowing the simultaneous connection of diverse types of monitors, screens TFT and TV sets. At present the G4 include of series the GeForce2 MX and it is also available (like update across Apple) the GeForce3 for these models.
    It is clear that two current giants in the cards manufacture 3D want to give a good "bite" to the company of the apple. And the fact is that everything counts and everything adds up, especially in crisis times...

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News written for: Ignacio Jiménez of the Ship


7/24/2001: Intel plans an important prices clipping for the family Pentium 4

    As echo is made diverse trustworthy sources, the American company would be planning two important prices descents. The first one would be August 26 coinciding, very possibly, with the presentation of Pentium III with nucleus 0,13 microns Tualatin, and the second on October 28, probable date of the throwing of the Pentium 4 to 2 GHz and the Celeron to 1,2 GHz.
    The prices clippings estimated for August 26 go from 32 % to 55 % and they would affect for the most part the family Pentium 4. This way the Pentium 4 would lower 1,8 GHz from 562 current $ up to approximately 256 $; the model of 1,4 GHz would fall down up to only 133 $ from 193 current $.
    Certainly it attracts attention that on October 28 a Pentium 4 could cost to 1,8 GHz approximately 225 $ and the newly bulging Pentium III Tualatin to 1,2 GHz approximately 241 $. I believe that the comments remain...
    The climb of descent of prices of the Pentium 4 is not but an assertion of the scarce success that it has had, as well as a clear intention on the part of Intel of "taking it from him of in way" before his already next reviews, first in a new physical format and then with a new nucleus. And the fact is that really there are too many processors throwings for the needs, almost always the same ones, that we have the users...

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News written for: Ignacio Jiménez of the Ship


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