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Week of 24-7-2000 to 30-7-2000  

7/28/2000: Napster is saved in the last second... for the time being

    Against any prognosis, the announced disconnection of the well-known service of exchange of sound files MP3
Napster has been postponed at least until August 18 by a federal court of appeal, only nine hours before the extreme hour dictated by the judge Marilyn Patel.
    Before the above mentioned date Napster will have to justify porqué the decision of the judge it is excessive; after the reply of the RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America) and the counter-reply of Napster, the court of appeal will give his definitive decision from September 12.
    The news has calmed many Napster fans, some of which might be after a recent attack to the web site of the RIAA, as well as to that of the group Metallica, who has declared himself oppositely Napster.

More information in:,4586,2609363,00.html


7/28/2000: Bad nonCosta Rican for Rambus: the Pentium 4 will use SDRAM

    An official spokesman of Intel has confirmed that are designed chipsets for the next Pentium 4 (earlier known like Willamette) that will allow him to use memory SDRAM PC133. And not only this, but also "there is analyzed the option to create a chipset for memory DDR" (the DDR is a more rapid variant of the SDRAM).
    This represents a draft of 180th in the politics continued until now by Intel with regard to the Pentium 4, which in numerous occasions insured itself (and it perjured itself?) that would use only memory RDRAM (Rambus DRAM). Nevertheless, it seems that the still numerous disadvantages of this memory (and especially his high cost) have inclined Intel towards a more pragmatic solution.
    The news has affected seriously to the volatile actions of Rambus, and it might represent an almost definitive blow for a technology that from the beginning has had numerous detractors. In any case, the question does not seem to be technological but practical: if the SDRAM and the DDR are easy to help, cheap and effective, and the Rambus is "only" effective... the election seems simple.

More information in:,4586,2607303,00.html
New Willamette de Intel will call... Pentium 4


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