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Week from 31-7-2000 to 6-8-2000  

8/2/2000: Intel reaches 1,13 GHz... again "in limited quantities"

    Intel finishes of be crowning again like the company that makes "the microprocessor for more rapid PC of the world", in this case a Pentium III to 1,13 GHz (1.133 MHz, if they trump neither the mathematics nor them to us decimal)... although the press release specifies that the mike will be free only "in limited quantities".
    ... Which induces to think if it will be free in fact. In the last times, from the spectacular AMD blast-off thanks to the Athlon, Intel has turned out to be pressed up to the point of not being able to make enough number of mikes of high speed, and to realize announcements of mikes that really do not appear on the market up to enough after his announcement.
    And even when they appear, sometimes there are mikes that almost seem "overclockings of series", like the case of new Pentium III: only available in the format Slot 1 (something senile and that should disappear soon, according to the proper Intel), includes an enormous set of squandering and double fan, of the class that normally only there use the fans to force his mikes at speeds beyond the normal thing. Is Intel doing this itself? Well, if it has 990 dollars and finds one of these mikes, you will be able to verify it yourself...

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7/31/2000: Rambus makes sure that his memoirs already overcome the GHz

    The controversial company of development of technologies for memory
Rambus Inc has just announced that, together with his principal associates (between whom they emphasize companies like Samsung, Hyundai and Toshiba), it has just achieved the first modules of memory DRAM that overcome the barrier of the GHz (1.000 MHz).
    1.066 MHz are the reached exact number , although in fact this number we might say that there are "Equivalent MHz", physically the modules work to 533 MHz (that in any case it is not small), and they allow a band of 2,1 GB / century Of course, it is a question of modules RIMM of memory RDRAM (Rambus-DRAM), which suppose a small step pass for this technology, which maximum exponent till now there were the modules RIMM PC800, of 800 MHz and 1,6 GB / century
    The date of arrival for the market of this technology is waited in some moment of the year 2001, although many barriers will have still to excel themselves, so much technological (most of the manufacturers has found serious difficulties to make the memoirs PC800, motive of his high price and of the presence of cheaper alternatives as PC600 and PC700) like TV/radio commercials (for the need to pay royaltys to Rambus and the scarce acceptance of his memoirs for manufacturers and public).

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