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Week of 6-8-2001 12-8-2001  

His publicity in CsH

8/12/2001: DDR to 333 MHz for the Pentium 4, of the hand of...: SiS!!

    The Pentium 4 has just received his first "official" chipset (that is to say, with Intel license) with support of memory DDR-SDRAM; and not only he supports the current types DDR200 (PC1600) and DDR266 (PC2100), but also a new speed: the DDR-SDRAM to 333 "equivalent" MHz (166 "physical" MHz with double use of the sign), named also PC2700 for being his equal band to 2,7 GB/s (if the only channel is used).
    This chipset consists of Northbridge SiS645 and Southbridge SiS961, which they communicate to themselves between themselves with a bus of up to 533 MB/s thanks to the technology MuTIOL. One hopes that the production in mass should begin this one the same September.
    As his name indicates, the SiS645/SiS961 comes from the hand of the Taiwanese manufacturer SiS, who recently is recovering importance thank you both to his technology (his recent chipset SiS735 for Athlon is even more rapid than those of AMD, ROUTE and ALi) and to the decision of Intel to grant license to him, together with ALi and ATI, to make chipsets for Pentium 4.
    Obviously, the idea of Intel is "to stop the feet" to ROUTE, who at present makes almost half of the chipsets of the market. ROUTE thinks that it has right to make chipsets for Pentium 4 thanks to his acquisition on behalf of S3 (it is laaargo of explaining), and really right now it is making the ROUTE P4X266... but Intel is not of the same opinion. In any case, it would be graceful that SiS will end up by being so dangerous or more than the proper ROUTE.

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News written for: Juan Herrerías


8/9/2001: The ATI RADEON 2 increasingly close

    The next graphic chip of ATI RADEON 2 seems to be already almost completely developed; some rumors aim at that is in his final production phase. Be as it is, already we begin finding the first more or less trustworthy specifications, which give us a very nearby idea of what there will be the definitive cards.
    This new "beast" will count with 64 ó 128 MB of memory DDR-SDRAM with a speed of access of 4 ns that will allow it to work between 480 and 500 MHz (from 240 to 250 MHz with "x2" of the DDR). The chip in itself will run at a speed of approximately 250 MHz, and it is of hoping that it should be provided with four units of independent renderizado, as well as with the engine Charisma, support of Vertex Shader and compatibility with the Microsoft DirectX 8.
    ATI has announced that also he will support the future DirectX 8.1, although it still has not made clear if the RADEON 2 will be provided with the technology SmartShader, something like evolution of the engine Charisma. What yes seems clear is that he will support the technology TruForm, as well as connection to diverse screens and both digital and analogical TV sets thanks to the function HydraVision.
    This avalanche of services and technologies seems that it will see the light in September. NVIDIA waits and he is quiet, perhaps this time is humbler... of sure that competition will come to all the users more well. The ATI RADEON 2: simple technological paraphernalia? I do not know it, but of insurance it will do the "delights" of more of one, and will leave the pocket "made dust" to others...

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News written for: Ignacio Jiménez of the Ship


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