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Week of 7-8-2000 13-8-2000  

8/10/2000: SiS and ALi react: new chipsets for mikes AMD

    It seems that finally ROUTE is going to have authentic competition on the chipsets market for microprocessors AMD Athlon and Duron. In a little time they have announced new products to themselves on the part of two of the "outstanding figures" of the market of chipsets: SiS and ALi (a few names of curious spelling, certainly).
    The SiS730S will be the first chipset for Athlon with an integrated graphic checker, a SiS300 3D/2D of 128 bits; not to repeat the errors of Intel, the above mentioned checker (possibly not very powerful in 3D) it will be actualizable by means of a groove AGP 4x. Other outstanding characteristics are a support of PC133, ATA/100, 6 ports USB, a modem 56 K, audio and network, integrated all this.
    For his part, ALi bets not for the integration but for the yield: his chipset ALiMAGiK 1 (we suppose that the first one of a series, if it is successful) includes support of up to 3 GB of memory DDR-SDRAM (in addition to PC133, of course), with which GB / century will reach a maximum band of memory of 2,1 East chipset will have a version for portable computers, the MobileMAGiK 1.
    SiS hopes to have his chipset in pre-production from September, to 42 $ every 10.000 units, while the date of ALi is more vague, "the fourth trimester" of this year, and it will cost only 31 $ every 20.000 units.

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8/7/2000: A glance to the future of the chipsets ROUTE

    Now successful Taiwanese manufacturer ROUTE has just announced the new technologies that his next generation of chipsets will use. The base of all this is the architecture HDIT, which will allow to reach memory bands of up to 4,2 GB/s (with a bus of memory of 128 bits) and 2,1 GB/s between the chipset and the cards of expansion.
    But this is not quite, not much less: there will be support of up to 4 processors, memory DDR266, 6 ports USB, ATA-100... And thanks to the bus v - link the data transmission speed between two chips of the chipset (North Bridge and South Bridge) will rise up to 512 MB/s (at present it is usually of 133 MB/s).
    These advances will allow to make use to the maximum of the new processors and memoirs, and they begin allowing the disappearance of the technologies inherited from the PC: grooves ISA, ports series and parallel... and it can that some enclosed not very distant day the grooves PCI.
    The first chipsets (in models for processors Intel and AMD) should be ready to be proved at the beginning of 2001; a very suggestive date for a generational change, undoubtedly...

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