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Week from 13-8-2001 to 19-8-2001  

8/17/2001: ATI presents the new scale RADEON (2)

    The Canadian ATI has just made an official the new models of the series RADEON. Against any prognosis, their names will not be RADEON 2, but every model incorporates a different numeration. In particular 7500, 8500 and 8800 talks each other of the models. The two first ones are destined for the domestic and playful market, and the third one has a clear professional purpose, facing workstations. The nomenclature 8xxx alludes to that are entirely compatible with the DirectX 8, while the series 7xxx talks each other of the modified original RADEON.
    The model RADEON 7500 (chip RV200, a species of RADEON made of 0,15 microns) supports the technologies HydraVision that there allows the connection of multiple monitors, engine CHARISMA with programmable capacities, PIXEL TAPESTRY to accelerate multitextures and VIDEO IMMERSION for the reproduction of video and multimedia qualifications. The nucleus of 7500 works to 270 MHz and takes 64 MB of memory DDR-SDRAM to 230 MHz (x2, 460 "equivalent" MHz, for being DDR). It will be available in September at an approximate price of 199 $.
    The RADEON 8500 (chip R200, that is to say, "RADEON 2") works to 250 MHz and it will count, in principle, with 64 MB of memory DDR-SDRAM to 270 MHz (540 "equivalent" MHz) of 128 bits. It is completely compatible with the future DirectX 8.1 and there incorporates interesting innovations as the HYPERZ II (it saves memory band), engine CHARISMA II with entire support T&L, PIXEL TAPESTRY II, HydraVision and VIDEO IMMERSION II. His arrival to the market is augured at the end of September, with a price of 399 $.
    As we have seen in the first preliminary tests, the RADEON 8500 is located between 10 % and 30 % below the yield of the NVIDIA GeForce3. But eye, this is imputable to that the drivers are still not finished and need a big treatment. It tries it, it is the yield that it is increasing with every version of the Detonator of NVIDIA. In fact, NVIDIA will answer to ATI, for the time being, with the new Detonator 4.
    On the other hand, 3DMark 2001 it already shows the gross potency of this card, demonstrating the potency of his engine especially in lighting operations and trasformación. It will be necessary to wait at least for a time before seeing what really can do the new scale RADEON of ATI.

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News written for: Ignacio Jiménez of the Ship


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