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Week of 20-8-2001 to 26-8-2001  

His publicity in CsH

8/26/2001: Nintendo delays the throwing of his next console

    As inform the boys of The Register, Nintendo will delay two weeks the throwing of his next console, the GameCube, up to 18 ó On November 19 for the American market (it would not come to Europe until 2002). In principle, it might be a question of a commercial strategy or of a small problem of supply of units. What seems sure is that the date of issue in Japan will be September 14, as well as his price: 199 $, which it is not too much for a console.
    For his part, Microsoft hopes to throw his console XBOX about November 8, although it is not a very trustworthy date at this point either. Both Nintendo and Microsoft hope that in the respective days of throwing they will have ready to sell approximately 700.000 consoles, each one, only on the American market; a number of dizziness.
    Undoubtedly in the next months we will be present at a real commercial battle in the world of the consoles. Even some rumors point that Microsoft would be ready to buy Sega. Perhaps the Pokémon or Super Mario Bros could with Microsoft...: or not?

More information in:,4586,2807158,00.html
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News written for: Ignacio Jiménez of the Ship


8/24/2001: AMD attacks: new Duron Morgan, more portable mikes and better prices

    Next months they are going to see many innovations in the eternal struggle of Intel and AMD. This time the first one in opening the hostilidades has been the least big of two companies (two factories and 22 % of global quota of market), with an attack in all the fronts.
    To start, recently thrown scale of microprocessors AMD for portable raises his speed with a new Athlon 4 portable to 1,1 GHz and a portable Duron to 900 MHz. Several manufacturers will make teams with the above mentioned mikes, especially Compaq with his series Presario 1200.
    And in the field of the office mikes, there turns out to be very interesting the arrival of a new Duron to 1 GHz, whose principal innovation his 50 additional MHz are not , but there is based on the new nucleus Morgan (the Young pigeon in version Duron). This makes him slightly more rapid than his predecessors, in addition to providing additional support to him for the instructions SSE developed by Intel.
    Curiously, AMD does not make use of the news about the throwing of the nucleus Morgan as it is deserved, he does not even dedicate 10 lines of the press release... it will be that the general public only is interested in the struggle Athlon-Pentium 4, although this new Duron to 1 GHz costs up to the last one of 89 $ that costs, what is not difficult being this so ridiculously low number.
    Precisely AMD has just reduced his
official prices, which were already of for themselves quite low (and on the final market they it are usually moreover). One hopes that Intel should do the proper thing with his Pentium 4 the same weekend... undoubtedly we will have to speak about it.

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Good economic results for AMD... and regular for Intel

News written for: Juan Herrerías


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