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Week of 20-8-2001 to 26-8-2001  

His publicity in CsH

8/31/2001: New series Titanium of NVIDIA

    The throwing of the new family of cards 7500 and 8500 of ATI in September already has answer on the part of NVIDIA. According to M3DZone, the American company GeForce2 and 3 thinks of extracting a review of his already known ones chips under the denomination Titanium.
    The family GeForce3 will have two new models: You 500 and You 200 (certainly, it "You" is the chemical symbol of the titanium). Between his most excellent characteristics, there is the new engine Enhanced nFiniteFX that will provide a major realism in shades and textures with volumetric effects.
    The model You a "GeForce3 Pro" one might consider 500 like and You 200 as a "GeForce3 MX". For his part, and with certain surprise, also there is renewed the chip GeForce2 under the denomination GeForce2 Ti. Perhaps the most out-standing thing the progress is in his engine of lighting and transformation.
    The NVIDIA drivers also know. According to NVIDIA, the Detonator 4 offer up to 50 more % of yield that the current ones and they give support to the new bookstores DirectX 8.1, OpenGL 1.3 ICD and entire acceleration 2D/3D under Windows XP, the next operating system of Microsoft that will see the light at the end of October.
    If to this we add him that at the end of year PowerVR will extract to the market his chip Kyro 3, the current one does not seem the best moment to buy to him a graphic card. And difficult election will have the one who waits to December... for a servant they give him more and more desire of buying to him a PlayStation2 and be leaving of so many updates.

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News written for: Ignacio Jiménez of the Ship


8/28/2001: Intel lowers his prices and throws the Pentium 4 to 2 GHz

    The battle of the GHz enters the second level. The leader in sales of microprocessors tries to obtain the crown of the yield again with the throwing of the awaited new version with connector of 478 pines (although for the time being it is a change merely externally) of his processor it covers with stars; this change will become necessary the use of a new motherboard, although perhaps converters appear to the "ancient" format of 423 pines.
    The new Pentium 4 will use the chipsets Intel 850 (for memory Rambus-DRAM) and the imminent Intel 845 (of low cost, with support for memory SDRAM... and quite bad yield), and it has presented not only GHz to itself , but also to 1,9 GHz, with a few really high prices: 562 $ and 375 $ respectively, always in quantities of 1.000 units. For the time being they will make of both versions, 478 and 423 pines.
    This throwing has been accompanied by the corresponding reduction of the previous models; as there reflects the
new official list of prices, the price of some Pentium 4 it has come down to the half. For example, that of 1,5 GHz has gone on from 256 $ to only 133 $; 48 % less... neither more nor less.
    According to tests realized by diverse analysts, the yield of the Pentium 4 of 2 GHz is located in a level similar to that of an AMD 1,4 GHz with 266 MHz bus and memory DDR at the same speed, but only if the Pentium 4 uses memory Rambus. The success of the new Pentium 4 depends to a great extent on the results of the new chipsets of ROUTE and SiS, as well as on very few advisable Intel 845.
    Now only it is missing to know which will be the following movement on the part of AMD...

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News written for: Miquel Tarazona and Juan Herrerías


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