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Week from 28-8-2000 to 3-9-2000  

8/31/2000: Micron (and Hyundai) counter-attacks Rambus in the courts

    Some situations can only finish of a form, and the Rambus conflict with the practical totality of the manufacturers of memory seems that finally it will finish in the courts. The North American company Micron has begun returning the fire denouncing Rambus for monopolistic practices and undue appropriation of patents.
    And the fact is that to come was seen: for months, Rambus presses the manufacturers so that they pay raised royalties for the use of key technologies in the memoirs manufacture... but not only of his new memory Rambus-DRAM, but in addition to the SDRAM and DDR-SDRAM. And he even would try to penalize even more the royalties for the memory DDR-SDRAM, for being the principal competitor of his very little successful Rambus-DRAM.
    Micron thinks (and other manufacturers, openly or not) that Rambus tries to adapt of a standard of the industry, in in whose making many group enterprises JEDEC would have taken part equally... including Rambus, of course. And in addition, he would have hoped that the technologies were a standard of inevitable use before beginning protesting royalties, what is a clearly monopolistic practice... and quite immoral, certainly.
    This denunciation might be the base for an antimonopoly case before the Commission of American Federal Commerce (the FTC), which there would join other manufacturers of memory discontented with Rambus; the first one in doing it has been Hyundai, insurance that it will not be difficult to find others.

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8/29/2000: Intel at the edge of the ridiculous one? Do they withdraw the Pentium III of 1,13 GHz?

    In these moments official assertion does not exist in his web site, but it seems that Intel is going to withdraw (or to check, or to paralyze the delivery, or...) his new mikes Pentium III of 1,13 GHz (1.133 MHz), for serious problems of instability.
    The problems were announced by numerous web sites, between them
Tom's Hardware (that historically supports a love - hate relation with Intel), and it seems that they are confirmed. It would not be anything more serious than a mike extracted to the market before the sufficiently proven thing is... which in fact yes is quite serious for someone of the reputation of Intel.
    Curiously, of confirming to him the news, the microprocessor for more rapid PC of the world would happen to be the AMD Athlon of 1,1 GHz, which is already free in volume... and without well-known problems. The first time would not be that AMD reaches this position... but yes the first one in doing it without knowing it.

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