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Week of 10-9-2001 16-9-2001  

His publicity in CsH

9/14/2001: Family Sound Blaster Audigy, the new thing of Creative

    Creative has presented his new sound card Sound Blaster Audigy. The company of the "Americas" has been late more than three years in giving a new technological jump and there evolved the programmable chip of sound EMU10K1 DSP (DSP = "digital processor of sign") present in the whole current family of cards Sound Blaster Live!
    The new chip, the EMU10K2, presents like innovations the recording and top quality sound reproduction, reaching in reproduction a frequency of 96 kHz and a resolution of 24 bit (the quality of the CDs of audio is of 16 bit and 44 kHz), with an excellent coefficient sign - noise of 100 dB. Likewise, it is capable of reproducing up to four environmental effects simultaneous (environments), support of Firewire in the proper card, support of the drivers GRASPED and the EAX 3 (also named EAX Advanced HD), and of course support for loudspeakers systems 5.1.
    We do not doubt the quality and finished of this new sound card of Creative, of insurance it will be excellent and full of possibilities. Certainly look like a magnificent option for the professional of the sound, although at first any of the current SB Live! it might be enough to him.
    Interesting and "necessary" for this group is the drivers support IT GRASPED presents in programs as Cubaste VST or BPM Studio, between others. Nevertheless, it seems to be a too expensive caprice for the user who only reproduces MP3 or who "simply" wants to listen to his favorite game with 4 loudspeakers. Finally, a family of cards destined for Mozart and progeny, endorsed by a mark that concerning sound he still has not defrauded.

More information in:

News written for: Ignacio Jiménez of the Ship


His publicity in CsH

9/13/2001: The wireless networks become fashionable

    The standard 802.11b (AirPort in the Apple version) has been designed to create wireless networks of any type, be already particular or professional, but these networks are turning into the whole phenomenon in some cities due to his possibilities, beyond the awaited ones, allowing the continuous connection Internet from any place (yes, exactly, we might get connected to Internet from the opposite house park).
    Explained superficially, the "civil" wireless networks are created from points of access that give a scope of up to 300 meters (without obstacles), therefore many persons place these access points out of his houses or in the window. Also these individuals are connected to Internet (normally by means of cable or DSL), by what the wireless network is connected also, so that anyone that is provided with a card of wireless network can get connected to the access point and, consequently, to Internet. All this in principle, realized by individuals free!!
    Also, the perifícos manufacturers 802.11b are lowering the price of the components. ELSA has announced a strong descent of prices (of 23 %) in all his products for wireless networks. The prices will be the following ones:
     - ELSA LANCOM Wireless L-11, access point for IEEE 802.11b, for 485 euros
     - LANCOM Wireless IL-11, point of access for IEEE802.11b with adapter for RDSI, for 572 euros
(the access points serve to connect wireless networks to normal networks; nevertheless, we can mount a network only with the wireless cards)
     - AirLancer MC-11 wireless network card, card for portable, for 158 euros
     - AirLancer PCI-11 wireless network card, for the connection to a slot PCI, for 220 euros
     - AirLancer USB-11 wireless network adapter, for the connection by means of USB, for 198 euros
Also we can be provided with auxiliary antennas to improve the communication.

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The wireless networks of high speed come

News written for: Miquel Tarazona


9/10/2001: ROUTE and Intel to the courts, to celebrate the arrival of i845

    Once again, the blood has come to the river. After months of criticizing hardly to ROUTE for making chipsets for Pentium 4 without a valid license (in his opinion), Intel decided a few days ago to demand in the courts the Taiwanese company.
    And, of course, ROUTE has answered with its own demands for infringimiento of patents on the part of Intel, in what atañe to the microprocessors Pentium and to the new chipset i845, as well as moral and economic damages for the attitude of the representatives of Intel in messages to manufacturers of basic badges and in Computex 2001; to tell to what they refer with this would be to enter awkward details for anyone with more than 10 years of age.
    In the opinion of this editor, all this legal framework is little more than a mere coverage of the eternal war between both companies. Intel needs to promote the sales of teams Pentium 4, for which he needs chipsets with support of memory DDR-SDRAM, but he does not want that this favors his rival. AND ROUTE, there are or not valid the crossed licenses that it obtained of S3, it is not ready to pay much more than other chipsets manufacturers for a license "authorized" only for be calling a ROUTE...
    All this the day happens that Intel makes the arrival of his chipset official i845 for Pentium 4 with support of PC133; that is to say, of memory "classic" SDRAM not DDR. This chipset obtains a very low yield to of i850 for memory Rambus, according to any independent source, especially in the applications with major consumption of band of memory (this is 3 times a minor in the new chipset).
    And although it is supposed that the target of i845 is to lower the prices, that does not prevent Intel from receiving it to 42 $ (quite expensive for a chipset) and say textually that "it delivers a marvelous yield and price to the PCs of the average segment". But it does not matter, belonging to Intel it is already free in basic badges of many manufacturers. The economic interests to the power, friends...

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News written for: Juan Herrerías


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