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Week from 18-9-2000 to 24-9-2000  

9/24/2000: New Mobile Cyrix III he announces ROUTE 

    ROUTE signs up to the processors with dynamic change of frequency, with the intention of diminishing the consumption. For it it has introduced his technology LongHaul, which tries to reduce even in 50 % the consumption in the portable based ones on these mikes type Socket 370.
    New Mobile Cyrix III presents in speeds from 500 to 600 MHz to himself , and the technology LongHaul is alike enough the one that Intel uses, working to maximum potency as soon as the portable one was connected to the electrical network and with two ways of functioning (maximum yield or minimal consumption), seleccionables from Windows for the user, in case of being work with the battery.
    Also, the new chip has a nucleus of only 76 mm2 $ in quantities of 1.000 units, although he does not lack competitors: the mikes Intel, the AMD... and of course the autoproclaimed one "king of the energy saving", Crusoe de Transmeta.

More information in:


9/24/2000: AOpen presents the "black beauty"

    ... That is not Naomi Campbell, but his new motherboard based on the chipset Apollo Pro133A of ROUTE, also acquaintance like 694X. The new badge, named AX34 Pro II, has just been presented, and takes novel and interesting characteristics as a support of UltraDMA 100, integration of 4 ports USB, 4 DIMM for up to 2 GB of memory, functioning without jumpers and really enviable characteristics for any overclocker, with buses up to 150 MHz and multipliers even x12.
    But perhaps the most novel thing there is the announcement of the technologies Dr. Voice and Dr. LED for the detection of errors and the design of his BIOS, which by means of an external controler allows to repair the BIOS damaged without need to open the computer. Of course, the printed circuit is of black color... a pity that it does not include a transparent box.

More information in:


9/22/2000: ROUTE presents his chipsets for 266 MHz DDR-SDRAM 

    ROUTE has presented (although it still has not thrown them to the market) his last chipsets with support for the memory DDR-SDRAM of up to 266 MHz. The new chipsets are the ROUTE Apollo Pro266 and the ROUTE Apollo KT266, destined to Socket 370 (mikes Intel) and Socket A (mikes AMD) respectively.
    The most important characteristics of these chipset (direct evolution of the Pro133 and KT133), in addition to the support of memory DDR266, are his support for hard disks ATA100, 6 ports USB, checker of integrated network, integrated audio, integrated modem and even 4GB of supported memory.
    And so that the speed of the buses of system and of memory does not turn out to be harmed by "necks of bottle", there incorporate the new bus v - link to communicate two chips of the chipset to 266 Mb / century Seems that a very famous number is going to be "266...

More information in:
Basic badges with memory DDR at the end of October


9/22/2000: The first graphic cards with the chip KYRO

    The first graphic cards with the new chip developed by Imagination Technologies and constructed by STMicroelectronics have been presented finally.
    The chip KYRO, or PowerVR Series 3, is a new development of the PowerVR, used in his version 2 in the console Sega Dreamcast. This chip, for a long time waited, does not have between his principal characteristics an enormous speed or a spectacular fillrate, but a new way of render, which the number of píxels reduces to renderizar and to color (that is to say, it works less to do the same work), bump maping support, multi texture of eight layers, anti-aliasing to finished screen...
    ... As well as an orientation towards diverse markets, which one of the most versatile does of this solution: we can find versions for PC, for machines arcade (recreational), for portable computers and even for devices as cars or "set top boxes".
    These first cards with the processor KYRO are, for the time being, the Inno3D KYRO 2000 (, VideoLogic Vivid! of VideoLogic Systems ( and the EVIL KYRO of the manufacturer PowerColor (

More information in:
Analysis of the preliminary version of the chip in AnandTech


9/21/2000: Is the PC of 199 $ possible ? ROUTE believes that yes

    Since it could not be less, in one of the multiple conferences of the
ROUTE Technology Forum has relaunched the idea of "Information PC", a model of compatible PC sponsored by ROUTE that would allow to realize the most common computer tasks (I access to Internet, I process of texts...) to very low cost; so under as 199 $, according to ROUTE.
    Is this possible? Well, according to ROUTE, this 199 $ would include a microprocessor of scale average - fall and a chipset of the highest integration (audio, video, I/O and perhaps modem), of course both of ROUTE, in addition to 32 MB of memory; the operating system would be (free) Linux and the visualization screen (probably a TV set or optional monitor) would not enter the price.
    Let's see: approximately 35 $ for the mike, 45 $ for the super one - chipset, 40 $ of casing, circuitry, cables and keyboard, 25 $ of memory, 54 $ of a small hard disk...: I joust 199 $! It does not seem to make commercial margin great, but if one obtains user's interface simply and resistantly like that of the consoles of video - game that is within reach of the whole world, without need for maintenance or computer knowledge, probably it would be a success.
    Then: why does nobody decide to make them? ROUTE is anxious to provide all the mikes and chipsets that are necessary...

More information in:
ROUTE tries to sell the Cyrix III for PCs of less than 500 $


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