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Week of 24-9-2001 to 30-9-2001  

His publicity in CsH

9/26/2001: Mac OS X: much more than a simple update

    After some debts, today he has announced to himself the "first big update of the operating system of next generation of Apple" (Apple dixit), whose presentation must have taken place in Apple Expo 2001 of Paris, recently cancelled because of the terrorist attacks of New York.
    Contrary to what we are accustomed by other operating systems "updates" (not, not only those of Microsoft), there is not doubt that this review is worth it. In addition to having the solid nucleus UNIX of the Mac OS 10, there has been improved perceptibly the yield of all the applications (coming up to 20 more % of rapidity in 3D, according to Apple), new options have been included in the already impressive graphic environment Aqua, there has been made possible the easy recording of CDs and reproduction of DVDs, there have been included all kinds of new controlers (network, printers, etc.) and reviews of programs...
    With already more than 1.400 programs written specially for Mac OS X (including of course the well-known suite Microsoft Office), the young operating system developed by the boys of Steve Jobs seems more desirable than never. And if he had already the version "10.0", it will be able to be updated for almost not at all across the program of update Mac OS Up-to-Date; the whole detail to be imitated...

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News written for: Juan Herrerķas


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