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Week of 10-1-2000 16-1-2000  

1/11/2000: ROUTE throws the super one - chipset KX133 for Athlon

The Taiwanese manufacturer ROUTE has just announced the production in volume of his new chipset for Athlon, the very awaited one KX133, which presents itself as the option most advanced to equip basic badges for the AMD microprocessor.
The new chipset includes the most advanced technologies of the market: 200 MHz bus, support of memory PC133, AGP 4x, UltraDMA66, 4 ports USB, etc, and he will avoid
ROUTE hopes that it should be used by at least a score of manufacturers of basic badges, although it is not probable that the above mentioned badges come to the market before March or, as very quickly, middle of February.

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1/10/2000: AMD Athlon to 800 MHz

They have been done of requesting... although not precisely for the long time.
The career for the GHz is still unstoppable. A new "magic" barrier has been exceeded, in this case 800 MHz. AMD has presented his processor Athlon K7 that is equal to the most rapid of the moment, working to "only 0,8 GHz.
Now both Intel and AMD possess processors working at this speed; only it is missing for knowing who of the two will be able to provide enough mikes for the demand, since as it has demonstrated Intel in the last months, it is not the same to "present" a mike than "to throw it" to the market in volume...
Coinciding with the presentation of the new processor, he announces to himself the availability of teams of the important North American company Gateway mounted with Athlon; for the first time in his history, Gateway does not mount a processor Intel. Now processors AMD can be in manufacturers of the prestige of IBM, Compaq, Gateway, HP...
Also it proved to be recently a Compaq Presario (collaboration between Compaq, AMD and Kryotech) working again to 1.000 MHz, although these teams are "overclockings with guarantee", not series mikes.

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