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Material used in the tests

Yield (1): VillageMark

Yield (2): 3DMark2000

Yield (3): 3DMark2001

Yield (4): Quake 3

Yield (5): AntiAliasing = Quality

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Hercules 3D Prophet 4500: KYRO II against NVIDIA


Material used in the tests

Photo of 3D Prophet 4500 and his box

Very well, slightly more than we are accustomed, because this time is not a question of comparing a GeForce with other one, but two different technologies opposite to front:

  • Microprocessors: Duron 800 MHz (bus 200 MHz), Athlon 1 GHz (bus 266 MHz)
  • Motherboard: ABIT KT7A-RAID (chipset ROUTE KT133A)
  • Memory: 256 MB SDRAM PC133 with CAS=2
  • Graphic cards: Hercules 3D Prophet 4500 (KYRO II), GeForce2 MX400, GeForce2 GTS Pro
  • Others: Windows 98, drivers NVIDIA Detonator (GeForce) and 7.111th (Hercules)

The principal competition of 3D Prophet 4500 is the cards with the chip GeForce2 MX400, or at least these are those who belong to the same prices category; the GTS Pro is a "contrast" for some tests. Let's remember that her 3D Prophet 4500 works to 175/175 MHz (chip / memory), while our MX400 does it to 200/183 and the GTS Pro to 200/400 (200 MHz with DDR).

Due to the high number of realized tests and many possible combinations, we will indicate only the results that we should consider to be more significant, it you is not worth going crazy with 11 pages of information that we have... with a madman it is already enough.

Ah, certainly: It is SURE that these numbers do not coincide with those of anybody more with Internet. It is logical, each one we select the options of adjustment of the drivers that gives us the desire, activate or not the sound... anyway, in our case we believe that the elected adjustments represent what "the common user" will have in his system: for nothing the best yield, but yes the one that we believe more probable.


Yield (1): VillageMark

We start with one of these tests that we name "synthetic materials": that is to say, that is not an application 3D really like a game, but a program prepared only to measure yields. This one is designed by the creators of the KYRO II, and undoubtedly they have exploited the capacities of the chip:

Comparative of the yield in VillageMark to 32 color bits with AMD Athlon to 1 GHz

Very well, we have a winner, undoubtedly. It is not that this serves as much in practice, but at least it indicates that in certain games with many objects "solape" the technology tile Rendering works; although nothing real must exist with so many solape... Anyway, it is a nice test and it unburdens itself of Internet in a little time ;-)


Yield (2): 3DMark2000

Second of our "synthetic tests", but in this more trustworthy enough case. First, because it is developed by independent hands, and second because a big part of the same one there are simulacra of games that well might exist in the real life:

Comparative of the yield in 3DMark2000 to 32 bits of color and diverse resolutions, with Athlon 1 GHz and Duron 800 MHz

A few results, when less, interesting. 3D Prophet 4500 begins showing a clear behavior:

  • on not having been limited by the memory band, scarcely he suffers on having raised the resolution or on having happened from 16 to 32 bits;
  • he makes use very much of the progress in the speed of the CPU of the team (which can be considered to be "lacking in potency gross in the chip" o "excellent escalabilidad", as it should look)


Yield (3): 3DMark2001

The last synthetic test gives a few not completely consistent results with the previous ones:

Comparative of the yield in 3DMark2001 to 1024x768 and 32 color bits

Personally, this review of the program has not convinced me very much of Oh, graphically it is IMPRESSIVE, from the flight scenes with the dragon up to the scene of the shots to slow camera crossing the foyer (Matrix with another name, for being "registered material")...

... but I believe that they have passed, in many moments he meets quite too slowly, so much that I would say that the only one GeForce3 would be on a par. They will say that there are the optimizations for DirectX 8 and that this is what can be expected from the games of the future, and perhaps it is true...: but not of the games of in 3 months!! (if they are injugables: who is going to buy demons?).

In any case, it is confirmed that the GeForce2 MX400 scarcely benefits from 200 additional MHz (only 9 % of progress), while the chip KYRO II makes use even last of MHz extra that we give him (32 more % of yield, neither more nor less).


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