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Yield (1): VillageMark

Yield (2): 3DMark2000

Yield (3): 3DMark2001

Yield (4): Quake 3

Yield (5): AntiAliasing = Quality

Overclocking: a pity...


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Hercules 3D Prophet 4500: KYRO II against NVIDIA

His publicity in CsH


Yield (4): Quake 3

Very well, that thing about always: this outstanding figure could not be missing.

Comparative of the yield in Quake 3 Sand in way High Quality, with Duron 800 MHz

It is no much on that to comment: her 3D Prophet 4500 stays in an excellent position, which it can still improve if we raise the speed of the microprocessor or increase the resolution. Problems of breadth of memory? Not with the chip KYRO II.


Yield (5): AntiAliasing = Quality

Making separate the speed, which they all like, the most important thing at the time of sitting down in front of a game the graphic quality is. The anti-aliasing is one of the best skills to improve it (I observed these images to become convinced), but it has a problem: it consumes a BRUTAL yield quantity.

Comparative of the yield in Quake 3 Sand in way High Quality and Anti-Aliasing OpenGL 2x2, with Athlon 1 GHz

... Very well, not so brutal in case of 3D Prophet 4500. In a card with the excellent chip GeForce2 MX400, the anti-aliasing becomes difficult enclosed to 800x600; the KYRO II, with his "tricks" to work less and to save memory, allows to reach this resolution without any problem.

For games of extreme action it is possible that all this there look like extra drops, but for others like the flight pretenders, it turns out to be slightly fundamental to get into situation. Believe me: the future is in the image quality, not only in the brute force, and the KYRO II allows to play with many major image quality without seeing his yield for the soils.


Pantallazo of the control of yield - overclocking of Powerstrip

Pulsate in the image to see it to major size

Overclocking: a pity...

Very well, it is already, this is what exists on this matter. The capacity of overclocking of this card is slightly limited, almost safely due to the chip. Using the last version of the PowerStrip, only we have reached (of completely stable form, skylight) 185 MHz, 10 MHz over the nominal speed.

In any case, the yield increase has been very well, quite 9 % in Quake 3. It is a pity that the design imposes that the chip and the memory should go at the same speed (the memory seems of quality, capable of reaching 200 MHz without problems)... and that the KYRO II does not support any more. A design question, undoubtedly, because it does not warm up by no means (and less with this fan so to the fashion).



To finish so extensive article (how? what does not seem to him taaan length? how does one notice that you it have not been written with flu in full July...), let's try to sum up what we have got out of this interesanet graphic card.

To start, there is not doubt that the technology of the KYRO II is VERY IMPRESSIVE. With a few "theoretical" numbers almost identical to those of nothing advisable GeForce2 MX200, it is located at a height of the MX400, or over this one (and even of the GTS Pro!), especially if he installs a rapid mike to himself or one plays high resolutions.

This takes us to our first recommendation: if he decides on this card, install it together with a 850 MHz mike or more. Unlike the GPU GeForce, the escalabilidad of the KYRO II is marvelous, but his "brute force" it is not so much. This is not a problem if he is going to buy a new PC, the war Intel-AMD has lowered the prices of the mikes up to absurd limits, but if he wants to revitalize a Pentium II or a better Celeron chooses a card with one of the chips of NVIDIA.

More recommendations: if he acquires it, be useful always to play 32 bits of color (the yield difference with 16 bits is... almost void), to the biggest resolution that supports his monitor with serviceability (1024x768 minimum) and, if he wants quality and has sufficient potency, activate the anti-aliasing.

The overclocking does not look like any guaranteed success, but the obtained profit allows to augur very good yield to future KYRO 3; absence will do to us, if we want to escape from the NVIDIA quasi-monopoly.

And of course, the price. It should be about approximately 24.000 ptas (approximately 125 $) more VAT, which is a good price to compete with the GeForce2 MX400, especially thinking that we are before a card "of mark". And he already knows how this works, if search a little will find very important price differences from a few shops to others.

Ah, certainly: do they imagine a chip with the million triangles for second of the GeForce2 and the technology of renderizado of the KYRO? It would be something worthy of see, undoubtedly...: will we see it prompt? And of the hand of whom: NVIDIA, ATI, Imagination Technologies...?

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