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Week of 25-9-2000 to 1-10-2000  

9/29/2000: The farewell of the AMD K6

    To have just finished off the excellent yield that there has provided to AMD the family K6, the company presents his new processors for absorbed systems: the K6-2E + and the K6-IIIE +, that represent the last phase of the technology of the K6, which has come to his limit and PC is retired of the environment.
    The new processors for absorbed systems work in speed status from 350 to 550 MHz. Both models will be provided with versions with technology AMD PowerNow!, that allows the dynamic adjustment of the speed and voltage of the mike according to the load of work of the system. Therefore, they are ideal to use them in systems with requests of low consumption and scarce dissipation of heat (that is to say, "absorbed", "integrated").
    The chipsets for these processors ALi will be in charge of providing them, with his Aladdin V and Aladdin 7. The destination of these processors places in teams (eye, at first not computers) that need to occupy very little space and with high potency requests; also, these processors can work without fan thanks to the use of the technology PowerNow!.

More information in:


9/28/2000: ANOTHER TWO chipsets of ROUTE, both with integrated video

    ROUTE is still determined to clean definitely Intel out as the producer of chipsets number one on a global scale, and takes way of obtaining it. Now, as a result in his agreements with the graphic company S3, it extracts to the market two chipsets with integrated video, what lows the price of the cost of the PC.
    The first one is the ProSavage KM133, one chipset for mikes AMD (Athlon or Duron) based on three successful products: the chipset ROUTE Apollo KT133 and the graphic chips S3 Savage4 (for the part 3D) and Savage2000 (for 2D). It uses memory of the team to save in costs, supports up to 2 memory GB, TIES 100, 4 ports USB, audio, modem and network integrated... and the most important thing: also a groove optional AGP to be able to extend the graphic paragraph in the future.
    Another innovation, under the name of Twister, is a chipset for portable with mikes Intel. Really, his characteristics are almost identical to those of the chipset for AMD, but changing the basic design of the chipset into that of the ROUTE PM133A for mikes Intel. His principal advantage resides in his scarce consumption and exact cost, to the being an integrated solution.

More information in:


9/26/2000: Piece of news arcade Sega NAOMI2

    Welcome, fanatics of the recreational lounges, to a new experience. Sega presents his following generation of recreational machines (arcades): NAOMI2. For all those that one day have played in someone of magnificent NAOMI, already be to the frill of the Sega RALLY or giving kicks with Virtua Fighter, a revolution comes to the recreational machines.
    This time, cradles in recently thrown graphic chip PowerVR3 or KYRO (the "old women" NAOMI they were working with the PowerVR2, as Sega Dreamcast). In addition to the chip PowerVR3 it has an engine PowerVR for T&L, as well as support for 6 dynamic lights and for the functioning of several graphic processors in parallel.
    In short, more quality and speed for when we face out of house the friends in our favorite games (if someone has one of these machines in his own house: what waiting to invite us?).

More information in:
The first graphic cards with the chip KYRO


9/25/2000: Innovations in portable: new mikes Intel and the Crusoe in ultralight Fujitsu

    Intel has presented three new microprocessors for portable: two Pentium III, to 800 and 850 MHz, and a Celeron to 700 MHz. Of course, Pentium III include the technology Intel SpeedStep, which allows to change dinámicamente his voltage and speed to save energy, going so far as to consume less than 2 W.
    For his part, the new Celeron has a relation really surprising quality / price: 700 MHz and a consumption of less than 3 W for a price of only 181 $, exáctamente the fourth part that 850 MHz Pentium III ... and we are sure that it is not by no means four times slower.
    Meanwhile, there have gone out to the light the characteristics of the futures portable Fujitsu with the processor Crusoe de Transmeta; there will be two models, Biblio Loox S and T, destined at first to the Japanese market (although if there are a success undoubtedly we will see them somewhere here).
    They will appear in October and they are really surprising: only 1 and 1,5 Kg in weight and an autonomy of 8 and 7 hours, respectively. Ultralight of long duration, let's say...

More information in:
Also Hitachi and IBM will make portable with the Crusoe


9/25/2000: Benefits of Intel below the awaited thing

    The Intel benefits in the third four-month period will increase below the awaited thing, according to the company due to a fall demand in Europe (something that to see with the change dollar - euro?), since the increase in the profit one hopes that it should be like much of 5 % on the results of the second trimester (below the awaited thing, but benefits after all). This means a few profit in brute of 62 %, instead of 63 ó 64 % waited.
    Fortunately for Intel, we cannot speak about crisis, since he keeps on being the first processors manufacturer and of chipsets for PC on a global scale. And the fact is that a company that spends annually 4.000 millions of dollars in research and development, undoubtedly is not in crisis... or is not very serious.

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