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Week from 1-10-2001 to 7-10-2001  

His publicity in CsH

10/4/2001: NVIDIA introduces his new series GeForce Titanium

    NVIDIA has just made official his new series Titanium destined to renew the current scale of graphic cards GeForce of high scale. In particular, it is a question of the models GeForce3 You 500, GeForce3 You 200 and GeForce2 You. It is a question of a new review where there has increased the speed of the mike and of the memory. In three cases he gets ready of 64 MB of memory DDR-SDRAM to 128 bits.
    The GeForce3 Ti 500 works to 240 MHz and the memory does to 250 MHz DDR, that is to say, 500 "effective" or "equivalent" MHz. The price estimated for this model patrols between 349 $ and 399 $, as they are the specifications and the manufacturer of the card. For his part, the model GeForce3 You 200 places the clock of his mike in 175 MHz and his memory to 200 MHz DDR (400 "effective" MHz). The price of You 200 will be placed in approximately 199 $. Finally, the GeForce2 Ti works to 250 MHz, with the memory to 200 MHz DDR; his price will be comprised between 149 $ and 179 $.
    Three new models are supported by the new version Detonator XP of the excellent drivers of NVIDIA, very advisable for any user of cards GeForce. One hopes that on October 12 the first units of the "Titanium" should be available; manufacturers as Hercules, MSI or Elsa have already announced the first photos of his cards based on this new family of NVIDIA.
    The family Titanium of NVIDIA has not to turn like the throwing of something "revolutionary" but rather like an interesting renewal in the prices, which "brings over (?)" to the domestic user the last technology. Of three models, undoubtedly the most interesting seems to be You 200, given his price and his advanced services of third generation GeForce. If all this serves so that the graphic cards of high services are more accessible, certainly it is welcome...

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News written for: Ignacio Jiménez of the Ship


His publicity in CsH

10/3/2001: ROUTE gives support to the USB 2.0

    ROUTE, the well-known chipsets manufacturer, has presented a new solution to give support to the USB 2.0. In particular, it is done thanks to his new chip by ROUTE VT6202; made of 0,22 microns, it is prepared for low energy consumptions (for portable PCs, for example) and gives support for up to four ports USB 2.0.
    It appears in two formats: well a card PCI (v2.1) with that we will be able to update our teams easily, or already integrated to the proper motherboard; likewise, it might add this functionality to the next ROUTE chipsets.
    The USB 2.0 is an alternative to connect digital cameras, printers, escáners of last generation or external hard disks. All this thanks to his valuation of transference of 480 Mbits/s, that is to say, 60 MBytes/s Por supuesto, the standard USB 2.0 is compatible "backwards" with all the compatible devices USB 1.x.
    In due time, ROUTE announced that technologically Firewire was praised by already very well-established IEEE 1394 or iLink, competitor of the USB 2.0, but that it would give support to this another technology that it has not just detached. This throwing is a test of his words, although we wonder the real scope of the intentions of ROUTE. Perhaps do not be a question of technical specifications, but only a pragmatic question of selling and of selling...

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News written for: Ignacio Jiménez of the Ship


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