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Week of 2-10-2000 to 8-10-2000  

10/8/2000: Definitive information on portable Crusoe de Sony

    Finally we have at sight the fact that there seems to be the first portable computer based on the processor Crusoe de Transmeta, and it seems that it expires with the awaited thing... or with almost quite. The name of the portable one in question is "VAIO C1 PictureBook Computer (PCG-C1VN)", it belongs to Sony, it costs 2.300 $ (good, exactly 299.999 cents of dollar) and it will be in the shops from October 25.
    If there seem great to someone 2.300 $, which it pays attention to the following specifications: processor Crusoe TM5600 600 MHz, 128 MB of SDRAM, hard disk of 12 GB, screen TFT 1.024x480 of 8,9 inches, connector i. LINK (that is to say, IEEE 1394 or Firewire), ATI Rage Mobility with 8 MB, modem, USB, sound...
    ... And in addition a genius: digital camerawoman integrated with CCD of 350.000 píxels; a pity that the disk drive and/or CD - ROM and/or DVD-ROM should buy to themselves apart. But good, the important thing is that 25 occupies  x 15 x 3 cm, it weighs 1 kg and his hard standard battery up to 5 hours and a half (or up to 20 hours with the optional battery of fourfold capacity).
    Certainly, not it is 24 o'clock promised by Transmeta, but it is necessary to feed to EVERYTHING ELSE; and undoubtedly it is a todoterreno that you can put in the pocket of the overcoat and forget the battery.

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10/7/2000: AMD presents his simulator software of the Athlon of 64 bits

    Approximately in the awaited date, AMD has just presented the software that simulates the behavior of his future family Hammer of mikes of 64 bits. The pretender, called SimNow!, it works under Linux and can unburden itself free of:
    AMD has bet loudly for Linux, as it was already doing Intel to throw his Itanium, since this pretender claims that the developers could carry his programs and/or the same GNU/Linux to the new processor without need that the mike is a physical reality (what at first will happen at the end of 2001). The only snag of the SimNow! the fact is that it does not talk each other of "software frees", what he can throw behind to many developers partial to the model GNU/Linux.
    In any case, and although in any microprocessor of new generation to have optimized software turns out to be fundamental, in this case it is not so much, so AMD has chosen to extend the set of instructions IA-32 instead of starting from the beginning as it has done Intel with the IA-64. But it is good that AMD covers all the possibilities and does not fall asleep in the kudos...

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AMD reaches 1,1 GHz and prepares the jump to 64 bits
HP and Intel throw the IA-64 Developer Kit for Linux


10/5/2000: Maxtor + Quantum = the first manufacturer of hard disks of the world

    The Californian company Maxtor, which was already one of the principal manufacturers of hard disks on a global scale, he has just announced his intention of turning into an authentic giant on having bought, in mutual agreement, Quantum HDD.
    The new company, which will support the name "Maxtor Corporation", will have an annual production of more than 50 million hard disks. This production will turn out to be hard supported by MKE (Matsushita-Kotobuki Electronics Industries), one of the most important technological associates of Quantum.
    Nevertheless, Quantum Corporation will not disappear, since it will support his other business areas like an independent company, and it moves back from a market more and more limited to a fistful of companies of enormous size.

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Maxtor reaches the 80 GB on a hard disk IDE


10/3/2000: It is said (it is rumored) that the new mikes will throw in...

    We are going to do to ourselves echo of some of the rumors, gathered between others for
The Register, on dates of issue of new microprocessors of Intel and AMD. Of course, there are only rumors...
    First, the bad news: it seems that the Pentium 4 is late till the end of November, due to...: a problem of last hour with the chipset! (850 or Tehama). Fortunately, it is said that the problem has been already located and solved, but really there turns out to be surprising the bad luck that Intel is having with his chipsets lately...
    But also we have good news from Intel: finally the Celeron will use a 100 MHz bus , at the beginning of 2001. One hopes that this should increase perceptibly the yield of the mike, which incomprehensible remained anchored in a few almost prehistoric 66 MHz. The first model in using this bus speed one hopes that it should be the 800 MHz Celeron (8x100, therefore).
    AND AMD does not remain not great less behind: it is probable that even the same month they appear an Athlon to 1,2 GHz and a Duron to 800 MHz. To most of mortal one this Athlon they they will have left very far of his economic possibilities, but the Duron promises to be one super sales for his excellent value for money.

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