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Week from 8-10-2001 to 14-10-2001  

His publicity in CsH

10/14/2001: Athlon XP: very much yield and not little polemic

    Finally, AMD has announced his new processors Athlon XP for dessert computers. Baptized like Athlon XP (instead of the "original" I named original of Athlon 4), they play with the terminology XP referring to the "experience" of enjoying Windows XP and with "carry to extremes Performance" of the new AMD mike. The presented frequencies are: 1.33 GHz (the model "1500 +"), 1.40 GHz ("1600 +"), 1.47 GHz ("1700 +") and 1.53 GHz ("1800 +"), with a few prices respectively of 130 $, 160 $, 190 $ and 252 $.
    The truth is that after seeing the first results the superiority of the new processor remains clear opposite to Intel Pentium 4. Moreover, the model to 1.4 GHz is almost to the same height as Intel Pentium 4 in 2 GHz, and in enough cases it is located superficially. Certainly the only trick that Intel has left is to rise of frequency his Pentium 4, with a very favorable architecture for this business, and to make use of the ignorance of the average user, who keeps on identifying GHz with high yield without concentrating on anything more.
    Precisely to fight against this, the Athlon XP presents a "piece of news" architecture named QuantiSpeed; basically, it is a question of a trade name for the architecture that allows the Athlon to execute a major number of instructions for clock cycle, what makes it at least so rapid as a Pentium 4 despite his deficit of "brute force" (less GHz), as well as a major rapidity and optimization between the deals between the mike and the cache memory. Also, the waiting of the microprocessor is avoided as far as possible for a more rapid execution of the applications and the generation of heat has diminished.
    To reflect all this, AMD has used a system of "equivalence of yield" between his mikes and "less effective" (as regards the GHz) Pentium 4 of Intel. For it, the Athlon XP 1800 + is named this way because, despite working to 1.53 GHz, in practice at least it equals a Pentium 4 of 1.8 GHz (and generally it overcomes it). This is true, and it is endorsed by independent tests audited neither more nor less than by Arthur Andersen, but many people do not like... especially those who did not needing these "explanations for beginners" on what AMD names "the mythology of the megahertzes".
    From a more global point of view, one hopes that the initials XP should mean something more than a new processor or a new operating system. With everything the "XP" the manufacturers hope to relaunch the paupérrimas sales of PCs and of peripheral, that they are not not great less at a height of his expectations. XP should mean rather "eXPeranza"...

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News written for: Ignacio Jiménez of the Ship and Juan Herrerías


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