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Week from 9-10-2000 to 15-10-2000  

10/15/2000: The chipset Mamba of Micron revolutionizes the MPF 2000

    As every year, Microprocessor Forum (MPF) has served as shop window for the most modern advances of the computer industry, between which we want to emphasize the announcement on the part of the memoirs manufacturer Micron of his new chipset Mamba for AMD Athlon, which it includes: 8 MB of cache memory L3!!
    According to Micron, this surprising idea of including a third level of cache memory integrated into the chipset might improve the yield of the PC in at least 15 %, with a minimal added cost. Also, this cache memory would be extremely rapid, with supported bands of 9,6 GB/s, which (except error for our part) would be equivalent neither more nor less than to the band of the cache memory L2 of an Athlon of 1,2 GHz...
    Apart from this impressive announcement, other topics it covers with stars there have been the microprocessors Crusoe de Transmeta, that this autumn they come finally to the market of portable PCs; more chipsets (of ALi, AMD and ROUTE, almost all for DDR-SDRAM); some comments about the Pentium 4; the presentation of the IBM Power 4... and how not, the war opened between Rambus and all the rest members of the industry in the topic RDRAM-DDR-SDRAM and the associate rights of property.

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10/15/2000: Sun publishes that the code source of low StarOffice licenses GNU

Sun Microsystems, in collaboration with CollabNet, makes the competence in Microsoft harder publishing the code source of his suite office computerization StarOffice under the license GNU. This means that anyone will have access to the code source of the program, with all the advantages that this supposes, like the errors correction (who can correct an error of, for example, Windows 98?) or the safety mistakes detection.
    Thanks to this Sun movement, we will be able to have a corporate PC working under Linux, Solaris or Windows NT, with all the needs software covered, for only the price of the hardware. This is, processor of texts, spreadsheet, database, program of drawing vectorial, and almost everything what we could dream, for nothing of money.
    The success has been such that has produced a collapse to himself in the servants of OpenOffice, which is the name by which this free StarOffice is known.

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10/13/2000: More alliances: Hitachi and LG will develop devices of optical storage

    If not long ago we were doing echo of the buy to ourselves for Maxtor of the division of hard disks of Quantum, to form the biggest manufacturer of the sector on a global scale, now confirms to himself that Hitachi and LG will form a joint company (51 % Hitachi, 49 % LG) to develop optical devices of storage (readership and tape recorders of CD - ROM and DVD-ROM, at first).
    The Japanese company Hitachi would contribute principally his technological knowledge, while the Korean LG would contribute his big capacity of manufacture and distribution. LG Electronics (the ancient GoldStar) is reaching an important position in many ambiences of the electronics of consumption (monitors, accessories for PC, TV sets, teams of sound...), being so diversified that even commercializes such domestic appliances like washers or refrigerators...
    ... And Hitachi makes from semiconductors up to gas turbines, happening for all kinds of electronic devices. Undoubtedly, they have the necessary aptitude to do important things.

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Maxtor + Quantum = the first manufacturer of hard disks of the world


10/11/2000: AMD shows (but it does not throw) the DUAL Athlon

    AMD has showed in society the one that perhaps is his most awaited innovation, the AMD dual Athlon. With the presentation of the prototype, AMD is prepared to compete in a new segment until now not known for the company.
    For this presentation, AMD has chosen a motherboard prototype with its own chipset, the AMD-760 MP, and has been useful to show at the same time his support of DDR-SDRAM (the big AMD bet as for memoirs refers).
    The AMD demonstration consisted of showing a PC with two processors AMD Athlon covering 3D Studio Max, one of the programs that extract major advantage of the symmetrical multiprocess, and that if indeed it has worked demonstrates that the chipset is quite mature. Now only it is lacking to hope that the new basic badges should come to the street...

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