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Week from 18-10-1999 to 24-10-1999  

10/21/1999: AMD inaugurates his new factory in Dresden

Last Wednesday W. J. Sanders III, AMD president, inaugurated officially the factory "Fab 30" in Dresden (Germany).
This new factory, which name refers to 30 anniversary of the foundation of AMD, will be principally destined for the products manufacture with technology of 0,18 microns copper, especially the new generation of processors K7 Athlon.
The production in tests will begin immediately (he announced to himself that it had already managed to make in Dresden an Athlon prototype of copper to more than 900 MHz) and one hopes to reach the maximum production level for the second trimester of next year.

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10/21/1999: 3Dfx it throws the Voodoo3 3000 in PCI

3Dfx he has announced the availability of his graphic card Voodoo3 3000 with connection PCI, to which it qualifies like the most rapid card for available PCI at present.
The cards Voodoo3, which work at a 166 MHz speed and include 16 MB of memory of video, present from a technical point of view two very significant aspects: low technical requisites (from Pentium to 90 MHz, although a Pentium is advisable at least 166 MHz) and a much limited use of the characteristics of the bus AGP (what implies that the use of PCI not disminuzca the yield valuably).
For it, this card presents itself as the most powerful option for those who want to update his computer in the graphic aspect with a solution 2D/3D finished and have not groove AGP.

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10/21/1999: The badges i820 will only have 2 grooves RIMM

According to a rumor much spread over Internet, Intel there has not found another solution for the problems between his chipset 820 and the memory RDRAM to eliminate the third groove RIMM of the basic badges that incorporate this chipset.
This solution is not satisfactory at all, since it might limit the memory maximum to 512 MB, an insufficient quantity for the environments of high scale in which it should move this chipset; also, the possibilities of expansion of these badges would turn out to be seriously limited.
Due to this problem with the memory RDRAM, Intel has turned out to be forced to delay the appearance of the chipset 820 up to not certain date, what there have disliked numerous manufacturers who were reckoning to use it. Intel will arrange next week of a chipset that does not have any problem with the RDRAM, i840, but it is a question of a more expensive enough chipset, destined for servants.


10/18/1999: On January 10: AMD Athlon to 1 GHz

As informs
The Register, that quotes confidential sources (how not), AMD will present his microprocessor K7 Athlon to 1 GHz (or what is the same, to 1.000 MHz) on January 10 of next year.
The above mentioned mike would be made by a 0,18 microns new process based on copper; at present, immense most of the processors are made by a 0,25 microns process based on aluminum, which is difficult to overcome and even to reach numbers of 750-800 Mhz.
This introduces more pressure on Intel, which although according to an open throwings calendar also by The Register (again "confidential", but available here) it did not have planned to overcome 733 MHz up to the second trimester of 2000, very probably will move forward his plans everything possible...

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