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Week from 25-10-1999 to 31-10-1999  

10/29/1999: Service Pack 6 for Windows NT 4.0

Microsoft has just presented in his web site the version 6 of the acquaintance Service Pack for Windows NT 4.0, who corrects diverse errors and updates parts of this operating system.
In this occasion more than 200 errors of all kinds are corrected, from questions related to the year 2000 to safety problems, strange behaviors on having installed or desinstalar other programs as Internet Explorer, problems of network or updates of bookstores and controlers of devices.
The update is available in versions with encriptación of 40 ó 128 bits (the North American laws limit the exportation of the algorithms of powerful encriptación) and at present only in English, although his translation to numerous languages is foreseeable, between them Spanish.

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10/28/1999: On February 17, throwing of Windows 2000

As informs
The Register, Microsoft would have fixed on February 17 of next year like date for the throwing of the new version of Windows, the Windows 2000.
The above mentioned date would suppose that the version with the definitive code would be ready just at the end of December, to send it to the PCs distributors with time so that they include it in his products.
This version of Windows was foreseen originally by the middle or ends of the present 1999, but it seems that these optimistic calculations were not valuing correctly the complexity of the project; enclosed it seems that there have existed doubts about the concept of operating system for that one was thinking about how, doubting between Windows 98 evolving to the maximum, to do a design based on Windows NT or to mix both, or how many versions had to appear and what public had to be focused.

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10/28/1999: New Pentium III Coppermine suffer from scarcity and debts

Scarcely a pair of days after the official throwing (October 25) of the new generation of microprocessors Pentium III, based on the design Coppermine, Intel has turned out to be forced to recognize diverse technical problems that will delay the arrival of these mikes to the final market.
New Pentium III 500E and 550E in format PGA370 (the most accessible economically) would have turned out to be delayed until December by technical problems with the ratification of the spendthrift - fan; Pentium III for portable would not be available in quantity till the end of December or enclosed January; and those of format Slot1, the least affected, will appear in very limited quantities, especially those of major speed.
These problems of scarcity and debts join the already known ones between the memory RDRAM and the chipset i820, that provoked the postponement of this one up to not certain date. According to several analysts, the reason of all these problems would be in the excessive pressure in the one that submitted Intel sees seen by AMD, who has the Athlon (considered by many like the most rapid mike for PC) for already three months.

More information in:
Coppermine: Pentium III EB/E


10/25/1999: Problem USB + Windows 98SE + AMD + ROUTE

Microsoft has detected a problem that there can prevent the functioning of the devices USB under Windows 98SE in computers with microprocessors AMD to 350 MHz or more and controlers (chipsets) ROUTE.
There exists already a "patch" that solves this problem, which can unburden itself on the page of Microsoft:
Microsoft makes sure that the problem appears exclusively in the recent review I "KNOW" of Windows 98, and neither not in Windows 95 nor in the original version of Windows 98.
It is not the first time that a new version of one of the operating systems Microsoft introduces errors that were not appearing in the previous versions; a very similar problem appeared with the review OSR2 of Windows 95, also the second version of the operating system and also affecting to microprocessors AMD. It seems that also Microsoft stumbles two times over the same stone...

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