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Week from 29-10-2001 to 4-11-2001  

His publicity in CsH

11/1/2001: The promoters of the KYRO move...: impelled by the "effect XP"?

    Since it was of waiting, the big hardware manufacturers are updating the controlers (drivers) of his devices. NVIDIA and ATI were of the first ones in giving support to the new-born operating system of Microsoft Windows XP. Likewise, Creative is doing it gradually and between end of this month and middle of the one that comes he waits "to throw them" to the network.
    Now it touches him the shift to PowerVR and STMicroelectronics, which update the controlers of his chips KYRO and KYRO II to give native support and full compatibility to Windows XP and the DirectX 8.1 that this operating system includes. This way, already it is possible to enjoy the such excellent qualities of this card like Full Scene Anti-Aliasing, or Environmental and Dot3 Bump Mapping.
    To remember that Microsoft recommends only the drivers installation with the digital signature of his laboratories to assure the biggest stability and possible compatibility. A system begun with Windows 2000 that already caused an important delay in the controlers for Windows 2000, anything that seems will not be repeated by Windows XP. Again it is demonstrated that the manufacturers owe "happen for the hoop" that Microsoft establishes; and, nevertheless, a servant thinks that this way Microsoft sometimes is right...
    On the other hand, VideoLogic (like PowerVR, a division of Imagination Technologies Group), in spite of trying to snatch a small portion of level of market from NVIDIA with his graphic cards based on the KYRO, not contentments approach positions cornered for the time being by Creative with the presentation of a new scale of multimedia products: PURÉE.
    The mark PURÉE will be assined principally to the domestic free time; the presented products are:
     - PURÉE LiFE 4/10, a loudspeakers game surround for "surrounds at home".
     - PURÉE DRX-601EX, a digital radio portable DAB.
     - PURÉE DRX-601ESM, Mini radio DAB.
     - PURÉE MCP-601ES, an amplifier multichannel.
     - PURÉE DAP-601ES, a processor of digital sound.
     - Sets of loudspeakers PURÉE of subwoofer and satellites.

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News written for: Ignacio Jiménez of the Ship and Miquel Tarazona


His publicity in CsH

10/30/2001: ATI presents his RADEON 8500LE, a very interesting option

    The Canadian manufacturer has presented the last review of his most recent creation, the RADEON 8500LE; in this case it is a question of a "limited" version of the impressive RADEON 8500. Really, the only difference takes root in that the clock has diminished his 275 MHz speed to "only 250 MHz. In any case, with this speed we have a yield insured more than excellent in any application (or video game 3D).
    Following his already announced politics, the RADEON 8500LE will not appear in ANY card made by ATI, but it will sell at the integrators and manufacturers who want to mount their own graphic cards with this chip. An about thirty of companies has already announced his intention of using, between them Gigabyte, DFI DFI, Jetway, Shuttle...
    Of course, in spite of being the "limited" version, it is provided with ALL the characteristics of his older brother, as there are the support of the technologies TRUFORM and SMARTSHADER and support for DirectX 8.1 (and for Windows XP, of course).

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News written for: Miquel Tarazona


10/29/2001: Intel offers his support to Microsoft... that accepts it, skylight

    Intel does not want to allow that the dessert computers to be left to them of calling wintel and closes lines concerning Microsoft making use of the presentation of the XP.
    Intel has made use of the presentation of the XP to stress that the very same Bill Gates has said that "The combination of Windows XP and the Pentium 4 processor's unprecedented capabilities creates to platform for the future and offers both consumers and businesses tremendous multitasking power and an outstanding average digitalis experience", that translated would be something like: "The combination of Windows XP and the unheard-of capacities of the processor Pentium 4 creates a platform for the future and offers both to consumers and to the professionals a tremendous capacity of multitask and an amazing multimedia experience".
    Intel stresses that thanks to his new processors with frequencies of up to 2.0 GHz and his architecture NetBurst it will be easier to work with the programs of Microsoft Office while in the background there are executed antivirus, safety software and software of monitoring (something that, really, it could have done before Windows XP and the Pentium 4 without excessive problems...).
    What yes seems interesting is the support for the new applications of Microsoft of the mathematical instructions SSE-2, which is said they will be necessary for an "ideal" applications yield like the Windows Movie Maker, the new multimedia breeding animal (with support to reproduce DVD) or the new Windows Messenger. Realities or exaggerations??
    AMD for his part, also stresses to have worked closely with Microsoft to optimize the yield of the new operating system XP with his processor Athlon of the same name. Nevertheless, wintel it is far from happening to be winamd...

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News written for: Miquel Tarazona


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