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Week from 30-10-2000 to 5-11-2000  

11/4/2000: Computers Apple Macintosh with hardware PC?? AND PC with Mac OS??

    The rumor began when at the beginning of this year the engineer of Apple Wilfredo Sánchez informed that it had compiled successfully in a PC the operating system Darwin OS, the base of the Mac OS; nevertheless, Darwin does not present essential elements of future Mac OS X ("10" is read) like the user's interface Aqua.
    Apparently the "miracle" would be technically possible because the nucleus (kernel) of the Mac OS X is based on that of the NeXT, which was working with hardware PC, and therefore "to reconstruct it" it would be a possible and relatively easy task. Also, the current ones G3 and G4 already use the controlers USB, PCI, IT TIES (the same ones that those of the PC) with what the compatibility would be simpler. The biggest problem takes root in that Apple would have to re-design all kinds of controlers software for devices to make them compatible with the instructions x86 of the PC.
    In the same sense, it is rumored between the Mac users, that Apple would be thinking mounting processors of AMD or Intel in the motherboard of his Mac, due to the big problems and debts experienced by Motorola in the manufacture of chips PowerPC.
    Officially Apple does not comment on the topic, but: will it be true? Will we be on the verge of a new compatibility concept? Be as it is, we will win the users. We will keep you informed...

More information in:,4586,2649969,00.html
Apple moves: Mac OS X Beta, new portable, ATI Radeon...


11/1/2000: Seagate throws a new hard disk SCSI Barracuda

    The new hard disk in question talks each other of the model Barracuda 36ES, a unit destined for demanding users (and also with money).
    Following the steps of his small brother in version IT TIES (IDE), 36ES it is available under the bus Ultra160 SCSI, offering a theoretical maximum of 160 MB/s, with an average time of 8,5 ms search , 7.200 rpm and an ideal operation capacity, with approximately 800.000 hours of average life between mistakes.
    For the least demanding, and for those who cannot spend so much money on discs and checkers Ultra160, cheaper versions exist under UltraSCSI.
    The prices recommended for these "monsters" of the speed and the capacity, are: for the model of 18,4 GB 319 $, and for that of 36,9 GB 519 $. The production of these models is waited by the end of this year.

More information in:,1247,808,00.html
Another record on hard disks: SCSI of 73,9 GB in only 1 inch


10/31/2000: ASUS already has his badge DDR ready for Athlon

    ASUS, probably the manufacturer leader of basic badges, has made use of the official throwing of the new chipset AMD-760 with support for memory DDR-SDRAM to present his first motherboard for mikes AMD Athlon (or Duron) and memory DDR: the ASUS A7M266.
    The badge takes the chip AMD-761 (one of the two that compose the chipset AMD-760) like Northbridge, and the acquaintance VT82C686B of ROUTE like Southbridge, to combine the support of memory DDR and of mikes with bus of 200 ó 266 MHz with other capacities like ATA-100, 4 ports USB, checker of integrated network...
    Undoubtedly the A7M266 will be one of most wished in the next months, both for the overclockers (it reaches up to 360 MHz of speed of bus, 180 "physical" MHz x 2) and for the professionals who need his up to 2 GB of memory DDR.
    ... Certainly, in the only photo that we have seen up to the date only 2 sockets appear for memory DDR, but it leaves space free for the 4 that would allow to reach this 2 GB (with 4 512 MB modules ). Will it be an old photo of a prototype? Or will it be that it is still not completely finished? Anyway, soon we will know it...

More information in:
AMD continues in head: memory DDR and mikes with bus to 266 MHz


10/30/2000: AMD continues in head: memory DDR and mikes with bus to 266 MHz

    In a way that we might qualify of "encompassed" (almost simultaneously in Tokyo, Taipei and Paris), AMD throws today officially to the market his new chipset AMD-760, which is characterized for supporting the memory DDR-SDRAM (Double Data Rate-SDRAM) of the types PC1600 and PC2100.
    This memory is an evolution of the current memory SDRAM, probably more acquaintance under the names of PC100 and PC133. Thanks to the fact that it uses doubly every sign of clock, the double obtains an effective band exactly that the normal SDRAM of the same MHz, with a similar cost.
    The support of the industry to this type of memory is entire, with manufacturers of the size of Micron, Samsung, Infineon, Hyundai, IBM... Everything opposite to what it happens with the polemic Rambus-DRAM, due fundamentally to his high cost and to the position of clash of the company Rambus.
    To make use of the yield of the memory DDR, AMD has presented also three new mikes Athlon with 266 MHz bus and speeds of 1,2 GHz, 1,13 GHz and 1 GHz, the last one to "only 385 $. The first teams, of the hand of
MicronPC and NEC, are already available.

More information in:
ROUTE presents his chipsets for 266 MHz DDR-SDRAM 
Basic badges with memory DDR at the end of October


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