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Week from 8-11-1999 to 14-11-1999  

11/14/1999: The Intel legal actions do not intimidate to ROUTE

Despite the diverse legal actions that face with Intel, the manufacturer of chipsets ROUTE not only it is ready to go forward with the products in dispute, but he announces new others.
The dispute between two companies they arose immediately after the creation for ROUTE of a chipset with support of memory PC133, Apollo Pro 133. Intel supports that any chipset for bus P6 (that of the Pentium II/III) with support for the above mentioned memory must obtain previously his authorization, something debatable since the memory PC133 is a direct evolution of the PC100, and ROUTE has license to produce badges P6 with the above mentioned memory.
The widespread opinion is that Intel tries to stop as it is the production of chipsets of ROUTE, which him compete in a very vulnerable moment, since at present Intel lacks of chipset someone that support PC133, his chipset covers i820 ride with stars several months of delay (and the new memory RDRAM that it uses is excessively expensive), the new ones i810 and i810E are not well received and the BX and ZX has problems of availability.
But ROUTE, far from getting frightened, announces the new chipsets Apollo Pro 133rd (for Pentium III, with support of PC133 and AGP 4x) and KX133 (for AMD K7 Athlon), developments with memory DDR-SDRAM PC266 and, thanks to his recent acquisition of Cyrix, Centaur and S3, new mikes for the scale average - fall, as well as chipsets with integrated video.

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11/14/1999: AMD announces: new mikes, big availability, benefits...

The president of AMD, W.J. (Jerry) Sanders III, he made sure last Thursday that the company would go out of the red numbers in the fourth trimester. Also, he announced that the manufacture is working even better than the awaited thing, what will facilitate to create several new microprocessors of the family Athlon, like for example a model to 750 MHz for before the end of the year.
Also they announced for the year 2.000 three mikes Athlon to themselves with integrated secondary cache memory, called Spitfire (destined for the average segment of the market), Thunderbird (upper intermediate scale) and Mustang (for servants, in configurations of up to 8 mikes), with speeds of up to 1 GHz (1.000 MHz). These mikes will make all with the 0,18 microns new technology, which will allow to create also the new ones K6-2 + and K6-III +.

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