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Week from 12-11-2001 to 18-11-2001  

His publicity in CsH

11/18/2001: AMD presents the Duron to 1,2 GHz

    It is a question of another hard blow against Intel, which sees how the Celeron loses area continuously on the market, thing that probably does not matter for him as much as it should, if he does not want to stain this name up to the appearance of the new Celeron. If a few weeks ago AMD was leaving the struggle for the MHz on having used the numbers of "equivalent yield" known as PR Rating (of polemic use, although really they are quite exact), it seems that now it turns to another way, the struggle MHz to MHz for the crown of the speed on the consumption market.
    With the new speed, AMD equals the maximum speed that is capable of offering Intel with his Celeron... speed "in brute", because in all kinds of applications the AMD Duron it has a yield much major than his Intel rival.
    And the thing does not remain there. This "economic" mike, "of consumption", if it is used together with memory DDR-SDRAM offers also a yield superior to that of the whole Pentium 4 to 1,4 GHz with memory SDRAM (that is to say, with chipset i845), obtaining in this case even better value for money, to the being the last one derisory: 103 $ in orders of 1.000 units (and even cheaper in some distributors).

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News written for: Miquel Tarazona


11/15/2001: Windows XP does not work well when he travels

    It seems that not even the last version of the operating system of Microsoft is on good terms with the microprocessors for portable. Of course, this time, not to create polemic, takes equally of evil with the processors of Intel (the recent Pentium III-M with nucleus Tualatin) that with those of AMD (Athlon 4).
    In particular the mistakes are in the support of the technologies of energy saving, PowerNow! and SpeedStep, therefore the battery of the portable ones will last less of the awaited thing and also our team will warm up more than it had to. We go, two almost minor problems in a portable PC...
    Of course, Microsoft says to be working hard to solve these problems (and it it will be), so the patches will add shortly to more than 20 MB of corrections that are already available. The thing is even more curious when this characteristic was working perfectly in the version Beta 2 and it stopped doing in the RC 1 (Candidate 1 Be Reread , the "version almost - casi-final")... his things that they spend.

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News written for: Miquel Tarazona


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