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Week from 15-11-1999 to 21-11-1999  

11/20/1999: New Asus motherboard for AMD K7 Athlon

This badge, of format ATX, is based on the chipsets AMD AMD-751 and ROUTE VT82C686A. Of course, the badge supports the information BUS to 200 MHz, in addition to having two channels IDE UDMA-66.
One of the most important characteristics is that it has no Jumpers, but the badge is formed completely from the BIOS. It is provided with support USB, monitoring of the functions of the computer (temperature, speed of the fan, etc.) as well as a sound chip integrated Yamaha.
Also it is provided with the socket AMR (a small groove next to the PCI that the badges have with chipsets i810 or i810E) to be able to connect a telephone adapter.
The existence of this badge had been an open secret from hacía time, although Asus has not given publicity any being afraid of the Intel reaction, and even was not listing it in his web site.

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11/20/1999: AMD gains the career for the first GHz

Although it is doing pitfall... Thanks to the agreement reached between AMD and the American company specialist in Kryotech made teams "overclockeados", presented in the Comdex the first processor to himself working to 1 GHz (1.000 MHz).
The MACHINE (this way, in capital letters), is bigger enough than a normal computer, due to the space that there occupies the team of refrigeration (very similar to that of the cars), which also weighs enough.
In spite of these small disadvantages, it is a question of the most rapid computer of the market in these moments. Beating any PIII in any test (be already on games, applications ofimáticas, renderizado of images...) and showing, first of all, the big capacity of escalabilidad of the Athlon, that probably next year comes to more enough speed.
Of course, the price will be on a par with his quality. A few 2.500$ in the USA, perhaps someone dares to import it like caprice.
To see the first processors to 1.000 "official" MHz, this is, without overclocking, we will not have to hope too much, so AMD has announced that before the summer of 2000 we will see these processors (in fact, already they are prepared to make the Athlon to 800 MHz).

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11/18/1999: Linux and Linus, protagonists of the Comdex

The operating system Linux, famous person for his potency and stability, has been one of the principal protagonists in the first days of the fair Comdex of Las Vegas, thanks to the presentation of the version Corel Linux, which we might name "a Linux for users of Windows".
The new distribution, which WordPerfect 8 includes for Linux, is based on the acquaintance Debian with KDE, and centers his efforts in facilitating to the maximum the things to the new Linux users. The environment is almost identical in appearance and characteristics to Windows, the installation is infinitely simpler than those of other versions, the configuration options are realized by means of dialogue pictures (even the screen resolution) and the diskettes and CD-ROMs "are" "mounted" automatically.
And coinciding with this announcement, the creator of Linux, Linus Torvalds, it gave some tracks on the future "intelligent" microprocessor of the company Transmeta, where it works at present. The processor would be named "Crusoe" and it would be a question of a mike enormously versatilely, since his functioning would be programmable by means of software... but for the time being this there are only speculations.

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11/16/1999: 3Dfx it presents the Voodoo 4 and 5

Coinciding with the beginning of the fair Comdex, the company 3Dfx has presented his new graphic cards Voodoo4 and Voodoo5. The above mentioned cards incorporate the new chip VSA-100 or Napalm, in addition to numerous characteristics do not present in the previous cards Voodoo as renderizado of 32 bits and textures of even 2.048x2.048 píxels.
New Voodoo presents before herself in 5 different models, which they offer from 32 MB of graphic memory and 367 megapíxels per second up to 128 MB and 1,47 gigapíxels/seg. The principal difference is in the number of chips VSA-100 present in the card, that 4500 go from 1 for the model Voodoo4 up to 4 for the Voodoo5 6000; this capacity multiprocessor is named "Voodoo Scalable Architecture", hence the name of VSA, and it differs from the previous (SLI) in which it is realized in the only card, not with two as it happened with the Voodoo2.
In addition to with connection AGP, we find models for PCI, a bus that other manufacturers have left but that 3Dfx he considers to be important to be able to update computers without grooves AGP, good for his antiquity or for basing in chipsets with integrated video, like them 810 and 810E of Intel.

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11/15/1999: Intel presents his badges with chipset 820

I joust on time for the famous computer contest Comdex of Las Vegas, Intel has presented his basic badges based on the chipset 820, who had suffered several debts and cancellations in the last two months owed principally to problems with the memory RDRAM.
There are two models, the VC820 (for memory RDRAM) and the CC820 (for memory SDRAM PC100). Both badges incorporate the new architecture AHA of Intel, which increases to the double the band for the devices of entry / exit (I/O), support transferences UltraDMA66 and offer AGP 4x.
Nevertheless, it seems that it has not been possible for the time being to solve satisfactorily the problems with the memory RDRAM, as what the VC820 has only 2 grooves RIMM; the CC820, despite using memory PC100, has also only 2 grooves DIMM. Both badges support a maximum of 512 MB of memory, a quantity perhaps slightly just for the most demanding market segment. Before the numerous problems that have arisen with the RDRAM (and his high price), it is rumored that Intel will present in the next months basic badges for memory PC133.

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