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Week from 22-11-1999 to 28-11-1999  

11/26/1999: The AMD does Athlon reach 0,75 GHz?

According to a very widespread rumor, which quotes sources near to the manufacturer of microprocessors AMD, next Monday, the 29th of November there would appear a new mike K7 Athlon to 750 MHz. With this mike AMD it would recover the leadership of the market, at present shown by Pentium III Coppermine de Intel to 733 MHz.
During the last weeks AMD is having a leading role that nobody was foreseeing, since there has been invested the dynamics to which we were used; now AMD is who produces all the chips that he wishes, even before time, and Intel who has problems to make of big quantities.
Due to these problems of availability of the mikes the most rapid Intel, it is rumored that the important manufacturer of computers North American Gateway might make a model based on the Athlon, what would favor very much AMD, where for the first time long ago they believe that they might finish the trimester with benefits...

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11/25/1999: In justice towards Intel...

How you will have read many in the
FORUM, where there is Juan's small reflection, them i810E/i810 it seems that they are not so villains chipsets, since there can be updated by cards PCI type Voodoo (the Voodoo5 5000 seems that it will offer incredible services with his 2 processors VSA-100 working in parallel, his 32 MB of SDRAM... and the old BUS PCI).
Also, already there are available badges i820 that work with normal SDRAM, that of the whole life (although the PC 133 would be better). And it is of justice to point out that in these moments the processor x86 more rapid than the market is the PIII 733 MHz (33 MHz more than the most rapid Athlon), although it appears with dropper.
Finally, to rectify an erroneous information, since YES we can acquire portable with the PIII for portable, of the Gateway hand, one of the principal manufacturers of PCs of the world, which has just disembarked in Europe (starting by Spain).


11/23/1999: Problems of Intel (with almost quite)

After having suffered a hard blow due to his delay in the presentation of the chipset i820, Intel seems that it has now problems with the manufacture of Pentium III EB 0,18 microns (Coppermine). It seems that these processors cannot be made of big number with enough quality, with what the of integration companies (Fujitsu-Siemens, Compaq, DELL, IBM, Gateway...) are having problems on not having had enough material for his teams.
The situation worsens more even when one speaks about the Coppermine for portable, whose production is even minor (and of course, at the moment they have not come to Spain).
This situation is forcing some manufacturers to modify his manufacture plans facing the Christmas campaign. Between them, Fujitsu-Siemens has already announced a line of products based on the AMD Athlon to 600 MHz, and there are rumors of which Compaq (that it already integrated K6-2 in some teams) will offer another product based on the same processor. Other rumors point that Gateway (that finishes of settling in our country) might take the same decision, although it seems slightly probable due to his BIG loyalty to Intel.
To have just finished off the things, after the delay of 820, Intel turns out to be forced to delay the throwing of his motherboard for servants, the OR840 based on the chipset i840 (which yes seems to work). The throwing was announced on October 25 but an official bulletin of the proper Intel (to see
HERE) says that the motherboard will go on sale at the end of year.

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