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Week from 29-11-1999 to 5-12-1999  

12/2/1999: The future chipset i815 will support AGP

According to rumors that are confirmed by the French web site, the future chipset 815 of Intel, also named Solano, in addition to having an integrated video checker (like i810e and i810, with that he shares big part of the design) will be able to be used by videocards AGP.
This is something much requested by most of analysts and manufacturers, whom the economic chipsets i810e/i810 have not convinced for his almost void capacity of graphic expansion, since at present only 3Dfx it offers videocards in PCI with a relation acceptable yield / price; most of manufacturers of videocards offer exclusively cards AGP.
The new chipset, which will come to the market between the first one and the second trimesters of 2000, will be also the first chipset of Intel who will support the memory PC133, a type of memory SDRAM of high yield and relatively low, great cost minor than the RDRAM.

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11/29/1999: 750 MHz: AMD, today; Intel...: in January, perhaps?

Today AMD has announced his microprocessor Athlon (K7) to 750 MHz, which is made by a 0,18 microns new technology. The new Athlon is the most rapid mike "of series" (without overclocking) made never for PC, and his íntegración is already planned by some of the biggest manufacturers of PCs of the world, between them
For his part, and according to certain confidential sources quoted by The Register, Intel it would present the Pentium III to 750 MHz in January, probably the 10th, together with other models with 100 and 133 MHz buses and in format Slot1 and PGA370.
As for the mikes families "of consumption" of both manufacturers, AMD has announced today a K6-2 to 533 MHz, while (according to the same sources) Intel would throw a Celeron at the same speed again on January 10, in what it would be the last Celeron based on the current technology Mendocino.

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