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Week of 21-1-2002 to 27-1-2002  

His publicity in CsH

1/24/2002: EPoX applies the new technologies in basic badges

    It seems that the market begins moving and available basic badges are already with memory DDR-SDRAM for Pentium 4; in this occasion, from the EPoX hand there comes to us his model EP-4BDA2 +, between whose characteristics we can stand out: 6 grooves PCI, 2 DIMM for DDR, AGP 4X, integrated sound (AC-97), 2 ports IDE ATA/100, all this controlled by the chipset Intel 845D (the version for DDR of i845), as well as with a checker RAID ATA/133 HPT372; also there is the model EP-4BDA2, with the same characteristics but without RAID.
    On the other hand, also it has thrown another model of badge, the M762A, a dual model for processors AMD; as his most important characteristics we might quote that is equipped by the chipset AMD760-MPX, 4 DIMM for DDR (up to a maximum of 4 memory GB), 2 PCI of 64 bits to 66 MHz, 3 PCI of 32 bits to 33 MHz, AGP 4X, network Ethernet 10/100 and ATA/100.

More information in:
AMD presents his new Athlon MP 1900 + for dual badges

Chipset Wars, the umpteenth final battle: ROUTE vs. Intel vs. NVIDIA vs. SiS (and ALi, and ATI...)
Our entreaty has been listened: Dual Athlon!! (MP)

News written for: Josť Miguel Berenguel


His publicity in CsH

1/23/2002: New tape recorders Plextor...: up to 40X!

    Plextor has just announced the availability of two new products, two tape recorders: the PlexWriter 40/12/40A and the PlexWriter 24/10/40U. In the first case it is a question of a tape recorder IDE with a few characteristics more than outstanding, capably of recording to 40X, of re-recording to 12X and of reading to 40X; since there is logical, this product intrega the technology Burn-Proof (he avoids recording mistakes for emptying of the buffer), PoweRec II (it changes the recording speed according to the quality of the CD used-R) and VariRec (system that consists of an optimization of the laser to obtain a minor error for jitter), in addition to possessing a 4 MB buffer .
    Less evil that so many safety systems exist, because one wonders where there will sell CDs capable of bearing this recording speed... This model in his version "retail" incorporates 5 CDS virgin-R, 1 CD-RW, the program of recording Nero+Incd, the software of utilities PlexTools and a manual in 16 languages, in addition to the screws and cables necessary for his installation.
    With regard to the PlexWriter 24/10/40U, it is a question of a model of external tape recorder that gets connected to the port USB and is capable of recording to 24X, of re-recording to 10X and of reading to 40X, whenever our computer supports the norm USB 2.0, slightly common for the time being although already present in portable some. With regard to the content of the box in this case there comes a CD virgin-R and another CD-RW, the same software as in the previous case, cable USB and adapter of current. Of course it includes technology Burn-Proof and has 2 years of guarantee.

More information in:
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Sony throws a breeding animal MP3 and recording CD portable-RW
Yamaha announces his new series of tape recorders CRW2200
More alliances: Hitachi and LG will develop devices of optical storage

News written for: Josť Miguel Berenguel


1/21/2002: AMD presents the Duron to 1,3 GHz

    It is a question of one more step in the evolution of this marvelous processor, with an enviable relation quality / price. The speed increase is of "only" 100 MHz with regard to the previous version, but they are sufficient to place to the economic AMD mike to the same height (speaking in MHz) that his competitor Intel Celeron, which also works at a 1300 MHz maximum speed .
    Although it is still made by 0,18 microns technology, while Intel has already begun the jump to 0:13 microns, his yield keeps on being very superior to that of his rival in almost any field where we apply it (and his lowest price), and even approaches sometimes the Pentium 4 to 1,7 GHz, the whole merit for a processor "of low scale".
    Of course, there is based on the recent nucleus Morgan, who gives him slightly more of yield that the first Duron, as well as support of the instructions SSE (created originally by Intel), in addition to 3DNow! Professional of AMD.
    According to AMD, the price will be of approximately 118 $, approximately 130 €, price that, as of custom, some providers reduce even more.

More information in:,,51_104_543~13854,00.html
AMD presents his new Athlon MP 1900 + for dual badges

AMD presents the Duron to 1,2 GHz
Athlon XP: very much yield and not little polemic
AMD attacks: new Duron Morgan, more portable mikes and better prices

News written for: Miquel Tarazona


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